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For Students: Updating your Personal Details

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Updating your Personal Details

To edit or make changes to your Personal Details on your Student Profile, go to the My Profile page from the global navigation bar or the top of the page.

Your personal details can be edited by clicking on the Edit button (pencil icon) to the right of each category.

Please note: Some high schools on Scoir will not allow for editing of all portions of your student application profile. This setting is school specific. If you do not see a pencil icon next to something you would like to edit, please contact your counselor directly.

General Information

You can update your general information by clicking the Edit pencil icon button next to your name.

You will be presented with an edit window to record any changes to your Preferred Name, Pronouns, Legal Sex, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship information, Address, and Phone Numbers.

Please do not add any special characters in the First or Last Name fields and only use the Preferred Name field as intended to avoid application processing issues. The name on your application must match your name entered in Scoir.
You will have control over whether you would like gender and pronoun information to be visible by parents/guardians and counselors.

When you’re finished, click Save.

Application IDs

You can add or edit your application IDs by clicking the Editing blue pencil icon next to Application IDs.


You will be presented with an edit window to update your Common App and Coalition App IDs.

When you’re finished, click Save.

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