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For Students: Discover Colleges

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Building a tailored college list begins with discovery 🕵️ Here, we break down the multiple ways to search and match with colleges the Scoir!

Searching for Colleges

Whether you're doing a quick search or diving into advanced searches, you'll find a lot of functionality! There are several ways to discover and search for colleges of interest to you.

If you already have a certain college in mind, begin typing the name in the search bar. Once the name appears below, click on it to go the College Profile.

The search bar will save your recent searches and show you other colleges you may like as well. You can save the college from the search bar to your My Colleges list by clicking the bookmark icon on the right side of the college name.

Advanced search and filtering

Narrow down your search and see a list of colleges that meet specific criteria by using filters. Access filters by navigating to Discover or by using the search bar. You can choose a pre-populated filter under Start Your Search (Ex. 4 Year US Colleges, Northeast, Test-Optional) to get started. 

Once you select one of the filters as directed above, you’ll see the 5 most popular filters in the top left navigation: Academic Focus, Degree, Size, Location, and Setting.

Click the filters you want to set based on your preferences, and a drop down will appear with your options. If you do not see what you're looking for, click Show More.

Select the All Filters button to see additional filter options like Personal Interests & Activities, ROTC Programs, Test Scores & Admission Rates, Athletics, Application Method, and more.

Once you've chosen your filters, the resulting list of colleges will default to sort by relevance. You can easily change the sort by selectivity (admissions rate) or by size in the upper right hand corner of the results page.

Add the colleges you’re interested in to your list by clicking Follow. You can also choose to compare up to 4 colleges at a time and see a side-by-side view of what they have to offer by clicking + Add to Compare. Colleges with the option to apply directly through Scoir will show the green lightning bolt icon and allow you to begin applying by clicking that button.


With #Posts, you can browse exciting content created by colleges, based on your interests (#StudyAbroad, #Dorms, etc.)! Explore what colleges have to offer by navigating to Discover > Posts.


Navigate to Discover > Events to explore and sign up for events hosted by colleges, including information sessions, workshops, and campus tours. Filter your search by the colleges you’re following, virtual tours, and recurring opportunities to get the most out of your experience!

Browse Colleges

From your Scoir dashboard, you can also view a list of Coalition or Apply with Scoir colleges in Discover under the Browse Colleges category on your dashboard.

Matching with Colleges

Go beyond filtering and sorting colleges to discover other colleges that might be a good match for you!

For You

In the For You section of your Discover experience, you'll find colleges and resources that match your interests and preferences. Whether you want to access your last search, explore free applications with Scoir, or colleges that offer an area of interest (like study abroad), the For You page has it all!

My Matches

My Matches is a list of colleges based on your preferences that you can view in Discover.

If you haven't added any preferences yet, you will be asked to add preferences to get matched with colleges and receive smarter recommendations from Scoir. You can also Set College Preferences from your profile, accessed under Me.

Colleges on your My Matches list can reach out to you directly through messages, giving you the chance to learn more about their programs, campus life, and anything else you're curious about. You'll receive these messages in your My Matches inbox. Don't worry, we don't share any personal information about you! Colleges only know that you're a potential match based on your preferences.

If you find a college interesting, you can follow them directly from your inbox! You can also see messages from My Matches on your dashboard and the College's Profile. If you don't want to messages from specific colleges you match with, simply indicate that you're not interested.

Find Your College Match Quiz

Take a quiz that consists of questions designed to match you with colleges based on what you’d like to study, where you’d like to live, and more. It’s a fun way to set your preferences and helps build a robust discovery experience!

Initially, you’ll find the quiz located on your student dashboard.

After you complete the quiz the first time, you can retake it as often as you’d like from My Matches.

You May Also Like

You May Also Like is a list of colleges similar to My Colleges.

If you haven’t added any colleges to My Colleges yet, you’ll be asked to follow a college to personalize your recommendations on Scoir.

Learn more about colleges for you with overview stats! Select the college name to see the full College Details, and use the drop down for the College Overview.

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