For Counselors: Add a Counselor Evaluation/Recommendation

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This article covers adding counselor evaluations for students whose applications require them within Scoir.

You can always see the needs of the college requirements and if the college requires a Counselor Evaluation by going to the college's Application Requirements.

To add a Counselor Recommendation, navigate to the profile of the student which the recommendation is for.  Expand the Colleges & Applications button and click on Manage Documents.

Scroll to Recommendations, and in the Counselor Evaluation tab, click Add.

The buttons On Behalf of: Myself and I'm writing this as a: Counselor will automatically be selected. If you are writing this letter on behalf of someone else, you can change this by selecting On Behalf of: Counselor and can enter the counselor's name. Then, you can type in the name of a college, if the recommendation is college specific.

Finally, you can choose a file (must be a PDF file) and upload your recommendation, or you can write your recommendation right within Scoir. Click Save & Submit to complete the recommendation.


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To learn more about using Scoir to manage recommendation letters, view our Letters of Recommendation video guide.

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