Roles and Permissions

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Each Account Type "Role" in Scoir Has Specific Permissions

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Account Administrator

Users with this permission can:

  • control SCOIR account settings
  • uploads documents (e.g. School Profile)
  • manages templates (e.g. SSR, Recommendations)
  • assign counselors to students
  • add/remove users
  • modify users’ permissions

Student Counselor

Users with this permission can:

  • add individual students and parents
  • create/manage student groups
  • view/edit information about students and parents
  • send messages to students and parents
  • manage student application status and supporting documents
  • add scholarships and awards

Applications Manager

Users with this permission can send application-related documents to colleges (e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) and configure college specific application requirements.

Data Manager

Users with this permission can access the Data Management Console to add/modify system data (e.g. student rosters, GPA updates, transcripts, standardized test scores, application outcomes).

Communications Manager

Users with this permission can:

  • create, modify, schedule messages via Communications Planner
  • create, manage, and message college and organization representatives and contacts
  • send college visit notifications
  • bulk message students and parents

Reporting Manager

Users with this permission can create, run, edit reports about students and their college applications


  • receive teacher recommendation requests
  • complete/upload or decline teacher recommendations for a student

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What are the different user types in Scoir?

User Types In Scoir

Roles and Permissions

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