Roles and Permissions

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Each Account Type Role in Scoir has specific permissions. You can jump directly to a specific role by clicking on it below:

A step-by-step guide on how to assign roles can be found at the here.

Only Account Administrator can adjust roles in Scoir.

Account Administrator

Users with this permission can

  • control Scoir account settings
  • uploads documents (e.g. School Profile)
  • manages templates (e.g. SSR, Recommendations)
  • assign counselors to students
  • add/remove users
  • modify users’ permissions

Student Counselor

Users with this permission can

  • add individual students and parents
  • create/manage student groups
  • view/edit information about students and parents
  • send messages to students and parents
  • manage student application status and supporting documents
  • add scholarships and awards

Applications Manager

Users with this permission can

  • send application-related documents to colleges (e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.)
  • configure college specific application requirements

Data Manager

Users with this permission can

  • access the Data Management Console to add/modify system data (e.g. student rosters, GPA updates, transcripts, standardized test scores, application outcomes).

Communications Manager

Users with this permission can

  • create, modify, schedule messages via Communications Planner
  • create, manage, and message college and organization representatives and contacts
  • send college visit notifications
  • bulk message students and parents

Reporting Manager

Users with this permission can

  • create, run, edit reports about students and their college applications


Users with this permission can

  • receive teacher recommendation requests
  • complete/upload or decline teacher recommendations for a student

What are the different user types in Scoir?

How do I assign roles?

The primary counselor that is registered with a new school account is automatically granted the Account Administrator role. With this role, the primary counselor has permission to add users and assign roles via the Roles button adjacent to each member of the counseling team (sometimes due to screen size you may need to scroll over to the right side to see this).

User Types In Scoir

Roles and Permission

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Assigning User Roles