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For Counselors: Scheduling Visits for Non-College Organizations

This guide will show you how to schedule a visit for a non-college organization.

Visits In Scoir can be either in-person or virtual.Ā Click hereĀ to view the process of scheduling aĀ virtual rep visitĀ in your calendar.

Scheduling Visits for Non-College Organizations

  1. Navigate to Calendar >Ā +NewĀ button or clicking directly into the calendar date and time you wish to use.
  1. Next, you must select which kind of visit this will beĀ (Single College Visit/Multi-College Visit),Ā whether the visit will beĀ in-person or virtual, and select theĀ Date/Time.
  1. Lastly, you will enter in the name of theĀ Non-College OrganizationĀ that you have pre-coordinated a visit with and click on the bolded name. You can enter in theĀ RepĀ information if you'd like to as well. After saving as a draft or publishing, you see the visit on your calendar.


For Students

Students will be able to register just as they would with other visits. Once they register for the visit, they will receive an email reminder and notification in Scoir one day prior to the visit. You can encourage students to download our Scoir mobile application (on iOS); students with the app will receive a push notification reminding them of the upcoming visit.

For Counselors

As a counselor, you will receive a notification in Scoir as students register for the visit.

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For Counselors: Scheduling Virtual Visits

For Counselors: Creating Multiple College Visits at the Same Time