For Students: Student Mobile Application

Visit the Apple App Store to download the app.

Supports iOS 10.0.

This guide contains the following sections:

Signing In

To sign in to Scoir, enter the email and password of your registered student account.

If you’ve forgotten your password, tap on the Password link below Sign In.

If you’ve created a Scoir account using your Facebook account, tap on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page to sign in using your Facebook credentials.

If you don’t yet have a Scoir account, tap Register and follow the registration process. Once your account has been verified, come back to the application to sign in.


The home screen contains your personalized dashboard, as well as the college search functionality of Scoir.


The student dashboard takes into account various aspects of your student profile and college search history to serve you a personalized and ever-changing list of college suggestions.

If you haven’t started your college search, you’ll be prompted to provide personal interests, an academic focus, and college preferences on the dashboard. These prompts will clear once you’ve completed them. You will also be prompted to follow colleges if you haven’t yet done so.

Once you’ve begun the application process, application status shortcuts will be available here.

If you’d like to go to a college’s details page and you know what college you’re looking for, simply enter the college’s name in the search bar.

College Search

When you land on the Search tab you will immediately be presented with your Preference Search results.

Preference Search

Your Preference Search provides you with a set of weighted results based on preference search criteria that can be set from your student profile.

Preference Search will arrange results in an order based on how well they match your college preferences. More information on college preferences and how to set them can be found in the student profile section of this guide.

If you’d like to browse all of the colleges available on Scoir, toggle to Advanced Search.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tab gives you access to Scoir’s complete college search experience. Results will be displayed based on relevancy to your selected filters. 

To open the filtering control menu, tap the Edit button. By default, Scoir filters colleges based on those offering four-year bachelor’s degrees that are located in the United States. You can always reset your search to these defaults by tapping the Reset button at the top left of the screen.

Scoir allows you to have two searches: a primary saved search that will be shared with parents and counselors connected to your account, and a private search that is not saved, only visible to you, and hidden from parents and counselors. You can toggle between these two searches at any time.

Scoir offers a variety of different search criteria to help narrow down your college search. To set individual filters, simply tap on the filter you’d like to set, set your preferred parameters for that filter, and tap on the back carrot at the top left of the screen to be brought back to the advanced search screen.

Once you’re finished setting your filtering parameters, tap Done to be brought to your results on the College Search page.

College Search Page

A list of colleges that match your filtering criteria will be displayed here. To see more information on a college, tap on its college tile.

College Details

A College Details page is split into two sections: Overview and Wall. To follow a college and add it to My Colleges, tap on the bookmark icon at the top right of its College Details page.


The College Details Overview page explains various details and statistics about a specific college, including admissions statistics, student life details, a list of offered undergraduate degrees, and cost and financial aid data.


The College Wall displays all Scoir curated notes pertaining to a specific college. To pin a note to your personal notebook, tap on an image from the College Wall, then tap the pin icon on the bottom left corner of the note. More information on notebooks can be found later in this guide.

My Colleges

My Colleges presents a holistic view of your admissions journey, and is broken up into five distinct columns. Depending on their state, college tiles can be moved from one column to another.

Not Interested

Schools you have once followed or marked as applying but are no longer interested in. Colleges in this state can be moved to Following, Applying, and Applied.


Schools that have been suggested by linked parents or counselors. Schools in this state can be followed or dismissed, which will add them to Following or Not Interested, respectively.


Schools you have marked as following. Colleges in this state can be moved to Not Interested, Applying, and Applied. Colleges can be quickly added to this column by tapping the + button.


Schools you have marked as applying. You will be prompted to provide additional information when adding a college to this column. College tiles in Applying will display deadline information pertaining to your chosen application type. Colleges in this state can be moved to Not Interested, Following, and Applied. Colleges can be quickly added to this column by tapping the + button.


Schools you have marked as applied. You will be prompted to provide additional information when adding a college to this column. College tiles in Applied will display application outcome information pertaining to your chosen application type. Colleges can be quickly added to this column by tapping the + button.

College Checklists

Once you’ve added a college to Applying, a checklist outlining its application requirements will be available within that college’s tile. To act on checklist items, tap the college tile to open the card’s details, then tap to check/uncheck checklist items.

Acceptance Likelihood

You can set the acceptance likelihood of a college in My Colleges by tapping on the Acceptance Likelihood link in the details view of the college card and selecting a state. These states default to reach, level, and likely; however, if you are linked to a high school, your counselor may rename these labels at any time.

You can change the acceptance likelihood state of a college by tapping on the Acceptance Likelihood link on the card and selecting an option from the menu.

If you are linked to a high school, your counselor may have configured acceptance likelihood to only be set by counselors. In this case, college cards will only reflect the state selected by your counselor.

Activity Log

A record of all activity regarding a college card can be found in a college card’s details view, including any actions taken by you or your counselor on your behalf.

My Profile

Personal Info

You can update your personal info by tapping the cell with your name at the top of the My Profile tab, then tapping the Personal Info cell to open the edit window.

You will be presented with an edit window to record any changes to your name, birthday, address, email addresses, phone numbers, sex, race, ethnicity, citizenship information, graduation year, and Common App & Coalition App IDs.

When you’re finished, tap Save.

Email Addresses

You can add an alternate email to your Scoir account by tapping the + button next to ‘add alternate email,’ then providing an alternate email address. Once you tap Save in the top right corner, you will receive a confirmation email as your alternate email awaits validation.


You can add or edit parents and invite them to link to your account by tapping the Parents cell.

Here you can tap the Edit button in the top right corner to remove existing parents, or add a new parent by tapping the + button in the Add Parent cell. Note that removing a parent will only remove their link to your student account, and will not delete the parent’s account.

You will be presented with an edit window to provide the parent’s first and last name, email address, and education history.

Education History

To add a parent’s education history, select their Highest Degree Earned from the drop-down menu.

If you selected ‘Some College, No Degree Earned’ or greater, you will be required to provide a school and degree. You can add additional schools and degrees by tapping the + Add a School button.

When you’re finished, tap Invite to send an invite to the parent’s email inbox and close the window.

You can indicate that you are a first-generation college student by checking the checkbox.


If you’re linked to a high school that is using Scoir to collect FERPA signatures, you’ll be able to review and sign your FERPA Release Authorization and Waiver of Rights forms by tapping the Review and Sign links beneath each form.

The status of each form will be represented beside the form name after they have been completed.

Once completed, you must contact your counselor if you wish to make changes to your FERPA Release Authorization or Waiver of Rights.

My School

You can view your high school information and message your assigned counselor from the My School cell.

If you aren’t yet linked to a high school, learn how to do so by following this guide.

Academic Overview

The Academic Overview section of the student profile allows you to manage your GPA and standardized test scores directly from the Scoir mobile app.


You can edit your GPA by tapping the Edit button in the GPA tile. You will be presented with a window to edit your GPA. When you’re finished, tap Save.

Test Scores

To add a test score, tap the + button at the top right corner of the page and select the test type you’d like to record from the dropdown menu. You’ll be prompted to provide the related scores based on your selection, then tap Save.

To edit an existing score, tap the date of the score you’d like to adjust, then tap edit. You’ll be prompted to update the recorded scores for that test, then tap Save.

Activities & Achievements

To record an activity or achievement, tap the + button in the Activities & Achievements tile.

You’ll be presented with a window to select the category of your entry, add a title, select grades participated, report hours per week and weeks per year, and add a description of the entry.

When you’re finished, tap Save.

Entries will be automatically organized by type. You can edit your entries by taping the pencil icon beside the entry.

College Preferences

You can customize your Scoir experience by setting College Preferences, which can be accessed by tapping the College Preferences cell.

To set College Preferences, tap the + Add button in the column you wish to add criteria.

You’ll be presented with a window to select the type of criteria you’d like to add to that column. Tap the type you wish to provide, then complete the fields and tap Save to record the preference.

You can move preferences between columns by tapping the kabob on the right-side of the preference facet to change its state or delete it from your College Preferences.

College Preferences are also editable via the Preference Search tab in College Search. Updates made to the Preference Search pane of College Search will also be reflected in the College Preferences tile of your Student Profile.

For more information on how to personalize your Scoir experience, check out our guide.

Completing your Career Profile

Scoir has partnered with YouScience to provide a comprehensive career and aptitude assessment, regardless of whether or not you’re linked to a high school.*

The YouScience assessment can only be completed on desktop at this time. Once the assessment has been completed, you will be able to access your saved careers and associated majors in the Scoir mobile application via the Career Profile cell.

For more information on YouScience and how to complete the assessment, visit our guide.

* Note: This assessment can only be completed once per Scoir student account, if you complete the assessment prior to linking your Scoir student account to a high school, your results will remain and you will not be given a new opportunity to complete the YouScience assessment.


The More drawer contains additional tools to message parents and counselors, register for visits & review application deadlines, manage your document storage, access helpful links, and request recommendations from teachers.

Messaging & Notifications

The Messaging tab will house all of your messages and notifications.

To start a new conversation with a parent or counselor, tap the compose icon at the top right of the screen. You will get a list of counselors in your school that you are able to message.

To return to an existing conversation, tap the cell of the conversation from the Direct Messages list.

To view your notifications, toggle to Notifications. Notifications will be displayed by most recent descending, and unread notifications will be indicated by a blue dot.

Visits & Deadlines

The Visits & Deadlines tab is where you can manage and register for college visits, as well as view upcoming application deadlines.

By default, all upcoming visits are shown. You can change your filtering options by tapping on the Filter icon in the top right corner. By selecting All Upcoming Visits, Visits From My Colleges, or Only My Registered Visits, the visits and deadlines page is filtered accordingly. You can disable the filter to hide all visits. You can also toggle Application Deadlines on or off. When you’re finished changing your filtering options, tap Done.

To register for a visit, slide the tile to the left and tap Register. To unregister, slide a registered visit’s tile to the left and tap Unregister.

To view the details of a visit, tap on the visit tile. To register for a visit from Visit Details, tap Count Me In. To unregister for a visit, tap on the Registered icon.

In instances where you cannot register for a visit due to limitations set by your counselor, an indication will be displayed on the college tile. The Visit Details page will give a more in-depth explanation.

You will receive notifications when schools you have added to My Colleges have scheduled a visit to your school, and reminders of your registered visits the day before the event.

To view the details of an application deadline, tap the application deadline card to be presented with its application details.

Requesting Recommendations

If you’re linked to a high school, you can request recommendations from the Recommendations tab. This screen is where you can manage existing recommendations, as well as make additional requests.

To request a new recommendation, tap the + button, then provide a teacher or staff member, signify whether or not the recommendation is for a specific college, and provide a subject and message. When you’re finished, tap Send in the top right corner of the form.

The status of your recommendations are displayed on the Recommendations page, including the name of the teacher who provided the recommendation, the creation date, and the college name for specific recommendations.

My Drive

The My Drive tab is where you can upload important files and links to your Scoir account to collaborate with your parents and counselor or to prepare your college portfolio.

Items in your drive will be shared with your counselor and any parents linked to your account.

To add a file to your drive, tap the Attach a file button and select a file from the file picker.

To add a link to your drive, tap the Share or link button, then paste the link’s URL in the Paste Share Link field and give the link a title.

You can sort the items in your drive by tapping the sort button above the item list, then selecting a ‘sort by’ option.

For more information on the Scoir Drive feature, check out our guide.


The Links tab is where you’ll find links for more information about the Common and Coalition Applications, SAT and ACT registration, and the Scoir blog.

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