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For Counselors: Suggesting Colleges

Suggesting colleges to a student lets them know you are following and care about their college selection process.

Suggesting a college to a single student

  1. Search for the student by typing their name in the global search bar.Ā 
  2. Within the Suggested column, click Add a College to search for the name of a college to suggest. Select the name of the college from the drop-down menu.

Suggesting a college to multiple students

Suggesting from the Student Roster

  1. To suggest a college to multiple students, navigate to the Student Roster.
  2. Select the students you want to receive the suggestion by clicking on their tiles, or by clicking the Select All button after filtering the roster.
  3. Select Suggest from the Actions dropdown.
  4. Add the schools you'd like to suggest by searching for them via the typeahead. When you're finished, click Suggest to add the suggestion to the selected students' My Colleges lists.

Suggesting from College Profiles

To suggest a college to students from the College Profile page, click the Suggest button in the profile's header.

In the Student Lookup field, search for and select the students to whom you want to make the suggestion by clicking their names as they appear in the dropdown. When you're finished, click Suggest.

  1. To conduct a college search on behalf of a student, selectĀ View Search.


  1. This displays the full College Search screen with the student's saved search criteria applied, which you can modify for your own search.

When you identify a college you want to suggest, press the Suggest button in the right corner of that college tile.

If a student ever indicates they are not interested in a college, the colleges will be reflected in the student's Not Interested tab as shown below.

Removing suggested colleges

Counselors can remove colleges that they suggested by clicking theĀ RemoveĀ button.Ā  Counselors may not remove any colleges suggested by a parent/guardian or another counselor.

Filtering the Student Roster by suggested colleges

To view students that currently have any number of suggested colleges in their My Colleges list, open the filter menu in the Student Roster and click Yes on the 'Ha

s Any Suggested' toggle in the Engagement & Apps section, then click Apply.

To view a comprehensive list of students that have had a particular college suggested to them, open the filter menu in the Student Roster and search for the college.

Once selected, check the Suggested box beneath the Colleges section, then click Apply. This will filter your student roster to only display students who currently have the specified college in the suggested column of their My Colleges list.

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