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For Counselors: Manage Colleges on Behalf of a Student

Searching for Colleges as a Student. Searching for colleges through the eyes of your students can help you better understand what they are looking for in a college. Just to note a Student Search will…

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For Counselors: Suggesting Colleges

This article details suggesting a college to a student. Suggesting colleges to a student lets them know you are following and care about their college selection process. This process is quick and eas…

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For Counselors: Acceptance Likelihood - Reach/Level/Likely

We have provided counselors (and students) with the ability to rate colleges for students in a basic Reach - Level - Likely scale. Before beginning to tag acceptance likelihood ratings for students,…

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For Counselors: Using Scattergrams to Assess Admissions Probability

Scattergrams visually display historical admissions decisions using previous students' GPAs and SATs/ACTs. While colleges rarely have a hard 'line in the sand' when it comes to standardized test scor…

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