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For CBOs: Dashboard Overview

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When logging into Scoir, you'll see three tabs on your dashboard: Students, Colleges, and Communication. By default, the login will direct you to the Students tab.

This article provides an overview of the content and features within each tab.


The Students tab shows a list of all your students, along with their high school, class year, GPA, and counselor assignment. Clicking on a student's name allows you to view their complete profile. You can also add new students directly from this tab.

Be mindful when sending invites because there's no easy way to delete or remove a student if a mistake is made.

To add a student who is already registered in Scoir, use the exact email address linked to their current account. Using a different email will create a separate account for the same student.


The Colleges tab empowers you to search for colleges using filters such as Academic Focus, Athletics, Campus Setting, and more! You can also suggest colleges directly to students in your CBO from this tab. Clicking on a college name takes you to their profile, providing a comprehensive exploration of offerings for your students.


The Communication tab can be used to message your students directly in Scoir. You can learn more about sending messages in Scoir here.


How can I add more counselors to my organization?
To add additional CBO counselors to your CBO please reach out to support directly at
I can't see my student's high school information. Why is that?
The student's high school information will only appear if the student is connected to a high school using the same email address in Scoir.
Where can I learn more about using Scoir?
In the lower right-hand corner of the page, you have easy access to Scoir's Help Center, offering helpful links and articles on how to make the most of Scoir. Feel free to search for specific topics you're working on to find relevant articles!

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