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Advanced Email Integration

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Advanced Email Integration

Scoir supports an advanced email experience where emails sent via Scoir will come directly from your school email address.

This reduces the risk of important messages being ignored or overlooked, and enables schools to send emails to all students or guardians in their roster, regardless of whether or not they have registered on Scoir.

Basic Email vs Advanced Email Features Comparison

Please find a brief overview of the difference between basic email and advanced email below.

Basic Email

Advanced Email

School has not entered and verified their domain(s) for sending emails via Scoir

School has entered and verified their domain(s) for sending emails via Scoir

Emails are sent from

You have the choice to send emails from your school’s domain (the part of your email after the @ symbol) OR from

Emails are sent to registered Scoir users only

When sending from your work email address, emails are sent to all individuals, regardless of Scoir registration status

How to Use Advanced Email?

  1. Make sure you have been assigned the Communication Manager Role in the User Settings
  2. Confirm that advanced email integration has been set-up and enabled
  3. Confirm that your Scoir account email matches the domain at your school as in the example below
    1. Communications Manager’s email in Scoir is
    2. The school’s verified domain is
    3. That’s a match! This user can send emails to ALL intended recipients (not just registered Scoir users) using their school email address.

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Setting Up and Enabling Advanced Email Features