Managing Your Recommendations Settings

If your school utilizes Scoir for processing college application materials, you can manage recommendation letters and requests from students using the following options.

NOTE: You must have the Account Administrator role to manage your Letter of Recommendation settings.

To begin, click on theĀ School SettingsĀ menu under theĀ MoreĀ button drop-down of the Scoir app.

IMPORTANT: Your school must have Document Support to use the Letter of Recommendation options.

Before you proceed, check to make sure that your school has document support enabled by reviewing the Process Applications Materials setting. At the top of the Account Settings page, make sure that Process Application Materials is set to Enabled.

To learn how to activate Application Materials and Document Support, view our Enable Application Material Processing guide.

On theĀ Account SettingsĀ page, locate the section labeledĀ Letters of Recommendation.Ā This can be found under theĀ DocumentsĀ heading.

If this section is grayed out completely, you do not have the required Document Support settings, shown above.

Letters of Recommendation settings can be edited at any time by toggling the switch next to each option. Toggling to green turns the setting listed next to it on.

Allow students to request letters of recommendation from teachers using Scoir.

To allow students to request letters of recommendation, turn on this option.

Next, choose when to allow your students to begin making recommendation requests. In the example below, students can begin making requests in January of their Junior year. Use the drop-down menus to edit this option.

Students will not have the option to request recommendations until they meet the set parameters.

Require counselor approval of student recommendation requests.

With this option activated, counselors will be notified when a student requests a recommendation from a teacher, and will need to approve a request before it is delivered to a teacher.

Allow students to request college-specific recommendations.

This option gives students the ability to add a specific college to their recommendation request.

Enable teachers to view profiles of the students who have requested a letter of recommendation.

This option allows teachers to view a student's profile from their teacher account when the student has made a recommendation request.

Select a method for teachers to input their letters of recommendations.

You can choose to allow teachers to type their letter directly into a text field in Scoir, upload a PDF letter of recommendation, or allow both methods.

Auto-send Teacher Letters of Recommendation

If you would like teacher letters of recommendation to be sent automatically you may enable this option.

To enable auto-send teacher letters of recommendation for your school, click on theĀ Contact Scoir Support to update auto-send Letters of Recommendation settingĀ link. The link can be found at the bottom of the Letters of Recommendation Settings. Scoir support will be notified of your request and is always ready to assist with the activation. You will be contacted by support upon the activation of this. The email you will receive will include specific details on the auto-send process and once support receives confirmation, you will receive a notification by email of auto-send Letters of Recommendation settings being enabled from .

To learn more about using Scoir to manage recommendation letters, view our Letters of Recommendation video guide.

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