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For Non Scoir High School, International, and Transfer Students: Requesting Transcripts, Application Documents, & Letters of Recommendation

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If your school doesn’t use Scoir to deliver documents to colleges, you’ll need to complete 4 steps for any applications you submit via Scoir to be considered complete.

  1. Complete Part 1 of the application in Scoir
  2. Complete Part 2 of the application
  3. Add a school official
  4. Request and assign recommendations

Complete Part 1 of the application in Scoir

Learn more about this step here.

Complete Part 2 of the application

Learn more about this step here.

Add a school official

School officials are responsible for sending application-related documents, like transcripts and school reports, to colleges on your behalf. Typically, this individual is your counselor (or registrar, if you’re applying as a transfer student).

To designate a school official who’ll provide supporting materials for your applications on Scoir, go to My Colleges > Docs & Recs.

At the bottom of this page, click on Add School Official and provide the requested information.

If you don’t see a table labeled “School Officials,” your school does indeed use Scoir to deliver documents to colleges; you can learn more about document-related application steps here.

Once you save this information, we’ll notify the provided official that you’ve requested docs (as well as each time you submit Part 1 of an application), and they’ll receive a unique link to a portal where they can upload all required application materials. In certain situations, it may make sense to add multiple school officials (for example, if you attended multiple high schools and a single individual doesn’t have access to all the necessary documents).

If your school official needs to upload a secondary school report, please refer them here, where there are step-by-step directions and a template for them to complete and upload!

If your school official cannot locate the email or the link in the email has expired and needs this to be re-sent, please have the school official follow the directions linked HERE.

Request and assign recommendations

Each college you apply to may require recommendations from counselors, teachers, or other supporters. You can request a recommendation from any of these sources from the Docs & Recs page. Once you’re there, click New Request in the Letters of Recommendation section.

Start by selecting a recipient for your recommendation request. You’ll have the option to select someone you’ve previously sent a recommendation to or add a new recommender altogether.

Next, tell us whether you’re looking for a general recommendation or one for a specific college. General recommendations can be sent to any college you apply to, whereas college-specific recommendations can only be sent to the college you designate (you can only choose colleges you’re applying to here). Your recommender will be notified as to which type of recommendation you’re looking for, so they can tailor their letter appropriately.

Finally, personalize your request by adding a note to your recommender. Use this as an opportunity to remind your recommender of any achievements or skills, or to let them know why you picked them to support your application.

Once you submit your request, a notification will be sent to your recommender at the email you provided. When they complete your request by uploading a recommendation through our secure portal, the status in the Letters of Recommendation table will update to “Completed.”

Recommenders also have the option to decline your request; if they do so, you’ll be notified as such, and the status on this table will update to “Declined” and include the reason for their decision (if they provided one).

The final step in this process is telling us where each of your recommendations should go by assigning them to a college. You can do this by returning to My Colleges and clicking on the tile of the college you’d like to assign recommendations to.

In the Letters of Recommendation section of the expanded card, you’ll see what types of recommendations the college requires or optionally collects.

Please note: Counselor recommendations are not included in this table and are handled separately. Specifically, the school official you added previously if any of the colleges you’re applying to requires a counselor recommendation. If so, your school official will have the opportunity to upload a recommendation that will be sent to each requiring college.

Get started by clicking Assign for any available recommendation slot (we suggest starting with the required slots first). From here, you’ll be able to select any requested recommendation—regardless of whether or not it’s been completed yet—with a matching type (teacher or other) and scope (any general recommendation or a recommendation specific to the selected college).

Please be careful when making your selection, as this assignment cannot be changed later!

Congratulations! Once you’ve assigned recommendations to all required slots, you’ve successfully taken every step required for your application to that college.

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For Non Scoir High School/International/Transfer Students: Requesting Letters of Recommendation