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For Students: Access and Complete Your Assignments

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Assignments is a great tool for you and your counselors to ensure you're prepared for the college application process. For example, your counselor might assign tasks such as reading documents or watching videos to help you navigate scholarship applications.

Let's review how to access and complete your assignments in Scoir.

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Accessing your assignments

You can access your assignments in the new My Assignments section on your dashboard.

Assignments section of student dashboard

Some quick facts about Assignments:

  • By default, only incomplete assignments are shown. Use the Show complete assignments toggle to review completed assignments
  • Assignments are organized by due date, prioritizing overdue or upcoming tasks at the top for easy visibility
  • Each assignment displays due date, topic, a brief description, and content type icons (e.g., a play button for videos). If your counselor has included a form for you to complete, you can access it by clicking Go to Form
  • You'll receive an email when your counselor assigns new tasks for you to complete or sends a reminder regarding your current assignments

Completing your assignments

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on an assignment to view its full content.
open assignment

  1. Follow your counselor's instructions to complete the assignment.
  2. If a form is included, access it by clicking Go to Form
    1. While filling out the form, use the Save Draft option to save your progress and return to it later if needed
    2. After completing the form, click Submit. This will mark the assignment as complete
  3. If the assignment does not include a form, you can mark it as complete once you're done

If at any point you’d like to redo your assignment, you can reopen it by clicking the checkmark again to mark it as incomplete. You can also resubmit responses to a form by accessing it within your completed assignments, even if the due date has passed.

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