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For Students: The Scoir Mobile App, Me

The Me tab hosts your Scoir profile information and allows you to export your resume, view your test scores, view or add to your My Drive, set or update your college preferences, browse college sessions, events & deadlines, and view or request application documents if needed.


The Me section includes your Assignments, Profile, Resume, Test Scores, My Drive, and Careers.


The Assignments section provides you with an easy way to keep track of tasks assigned by your counselors. When you tap on the Assignments tab, you can view a list of all your upcoming tasks. This list includes information such as days until the task is due, as well as options to mark tasks as complete and toggle between completed and incomplete tasks. If you need more information about a specific assignment, simply tap on it to view more details that your counselor may have included.

Whenever your counselor assigns or reminds you of a task, you'll receive a notification on your mobile device.

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For students: the scoir mobile app, me - mobile view of assignment list showing completed tasks


You can update your info by tapping the cell with your name at the top of the My Profile tab, then tapping the Personal Info cell to open the edit window.

You will be presented with an edit window to record any changes to your name, birthday, address, email addresses, phone numbers, sex, race, ethnicity, citizenship information, graduation year, and Common App & Coalition App IDs.

When you’re finished, tap Save.


Scoir allows you to create a resume with information from your Profile page as well as your GPA.

To start you can enter a personal bio or a statement about yourself. Especially if you don’t think you have enough previous experience to put on your resume, this is your chance to describe who you are, what you are passionate about, and what your interests are.

Below you can enter your activities and achievements, volunteer and work experience, and clubs and activities. These don’t have to be paid jobs or internships. Maybe you help clean your neighborhood with an organization in your town, volunteer at a library, or tutor younger children. Whatever it is that you do, write it down for your resume.

Exporting Your Resume

The resume can be exported by choosing the export button at the top of the screen. This will export the resume in Word format.

Test Scores

To add a test score, tap the + button at the top right corner of the page and select the test type you’d like to record from the dropdown menu. You’ll be prompted to provide the related scores based on your selection, then tap Save.

To edit an existing score, tap the date of the score you’d like to adjust, then tap edit. You’ll be prompted to update the recorded scores for that test, then tap Save.

My Drive

The My Drive tab is where you can upload important files and links to your Scoir account to collaborate with your parents and counselor or to prepare your college portfolio.

Items in your drive will be shared with your counselor and any parents linked to your account.

To add a file to your drive, tap the Attach a file button and select a file from the file picker.

To add a link to your drive, tap the Share or Link button, then paste the link’s URL in the Paste Share Link field and give the link a title.

You can sort the items in your drive by tapping the sort button above the item list and then selecting a ‘sort by’ option.

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In the Careers section, you can take assessments to explore potential career matches and manage your saved careers. Tap the three dots (...) on any saved careers to view its profile or search for colleges offering related programs.

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This section includes College Preferences, College Sessions, Events & Deadlines, and Application Documents 

When you first click on College Preferences you will be prompted to complete a short quiz that will match you with colleges. 

The quiz includes questions on your first gen status, what type of degree you are looking for (2-year, 4-year), What type of campus you are looking for, how far from home you are interested in searching if you would like to add your parents, and other preferences.


You’ll be presented with a window to select the type of criteria you’d like to add to that column. Tap the type you wish to provide, then complete the fields and tap Save to record the preference.

You can move preferences between columns by tapping the kabob on the right side of the preference facet to change its state or delete it from your College Preferences.

College Preferences are also editable via the Preference Search tab in College Search. Updates made to the Preference Search pane of College Search will also be reflected in the College Preferences tile of your Student Profile.

College Sessions

College Sessions allows you to browse the latest sessions hosted by colleges on Scoir.

Events & Deadlines

The events and deadlines section is where you will be able to view upcoming application deadlines, college visits, and office hours.

Application Documents

Application documents require a linked school. Once linked with your high school, the application documents section allows you to request letters of recommendation, and fee waivers, and sign early decision contracts.


Account is where you can access your account settings. This includes your account email settings, appearance, and the top choices toggle which allows you to use top choices within your college list.

Get More from Scoir 

Get More from Scoir is where you can access Links, Support, Insights, and Stories from the team at Scoir. 

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For Students: The Scoir Mobile Application

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