For Counselors: What Notifications Will Students Receive

As you use Scoir's calendar, messaging functionality, and email center, you may want to know what notifications students will receive.

First, to receive any notification sent through Scoir, a student must be registered with their Scoir account.

The following details what notifications students will get for individual student messages, bulk messages, alerts from the email center, scheduled College Visits and Office Hours from your Scoir Calendar, and updates to a student's letter of recommendation request/application outcomes.

When a Student is Logged Into Scoir

If students are logged into Scoir at the time you send this communication, they will receive a notification in their Message Center.

Notification for Individual or Bulk Messages:

When A Student is Not Logged into Scoir

If students are not logged into Scoir at the time of this communication, they will receive an email alert and a notification in their Message Center (shown above) the next time they log into Scoir.

If a college has registered for a visit, and the student has that particular college on their 'My Colleges' tab, they will receive an email notification. Students who do not have the college on their 'My Colleges' page will still see the visit on their dashboard and are able to register. If they do register for the visit, they'll receive an email reminding them of the visit the day before. Below is an example of an email a student receives if the college is on their 'My Colleges' tab:

Example of Email Alert for Message:

You can encourage students to download our Scoir mobile application (on iOS); if students with the app are not logged into Scoir at the time a communication is sent out, they will receive a push notification through the app.

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