Creating and Publishing a Survey

Recently introduced - Surveys!  We have the answer you are looking for to provide surveys to students, parents and even make these accessible to teachers!

Let's get started creating a survey.

Navigate to the Communications tab in Scoir.   You will automatically land on Surveys



You will then initiate your creation of a survey.  When you click on +Create New to the right side of your screen, this will create a new survey.


Select your Audience:

The initial survey is designed to be sent to students in specific class years and/or by counselor assignment.  Please select the student class year or years that you's like the survey to be sent to.  Add student, parents or both.  Surveys can also be targeted to a student 'group' that was previously created.  Would you like the survey to be visible to teachers who have been asked to complete recommendations?  Finally if you'd like to add a date that your survey will close and no other responses can be submitted, enter a date.




Title the survey and optionally add a description if you'd like.


Section labels can also be added to keep the different areas of your survey separate.


As a button is clicked, a 'Done' button will show in the right corner.  All changes are auto saved as you work:

Screen_Shot_2019-08-17_at_6.59.19_AM.pngThe survey is basic and allows three types of responses: 

Free Form - where answer can be whatever the surveyor would like to say

Multi-Select - the surveyor can select more than one response from the choices provided

Single-Select - the surveyor can select only one response from the choices provided


Once the response type is selected, begin typing the question.  Next click 'add' to start response choices.



Continue to hit 'add' until all of your response selections are in place.



Next, add either another question or a section label and repeat the process until all of the survey questions are complete.



Once the survey is complete, we do recommend clicking Close prior to Publish.



Your surveys will be stored in Scoir.  Once you have reviewed the survey and it is exactly correct, publish this to students and/or parents by putting a check in the box in front of your survey, and from the 'I would like to" bar, click Publish.




Published surveys in Scoir are live and cannot be changed.  These are sent to registered students and parent only.


Once survey's are published, you will see both the status as well as be able to click on the Recipients and know which students completed your survey.



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