For Counselors: Creating and Publishing a Survey

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(Step-by-step video can be found at the bottom of this page)

This article covers creating and publishing a survey, for students and parents, and details how to make results visible to teachers.

This article contains the following sections:

Creating a Survey

Navigate to the Communications tab in Scoir. You will automatically land on Surveys. You can create a survey by clicking on Create New on the right side of your screen.


First, select your audience. The initial survey is designed to be sent to students in specific class years and/or by counselor assignment. 

  • Select the student class year or years that you'd like the survey to be sent to
  • Add students, parents or both
  • Target the survey to a student group
  • Would you like the survey to be visible to teachers who have been asked to complete recommendations? 
  • Finally if you'd like to add a date that your survey will close and no other responses can be submitted, enter a date.

If a counselor's name is entered, this survey will only be sent to registered students assigned to that counselors.


Title the survey and add a description if you'd like. Section labels can also be added to keep areas of your survey separate.

Free Form — where answers can be chosen freely

Multi-Select — the surveyor can select more than one response from the choices provided

Single-Select — the surveyor can select only one response from the choices provided


Add as many questions as you wish.

We recommend clicking Close at this point and do nut publish until you have reviewed all details to ensure this is exactly what you want before publishing.


Your surveys will be stored in Scoir. Once you have reviewed the survey and it is exactly correct, publish this to students and/or parents by putting a check in the box in front of your survey, and from the I would like to bar, click Publish.



Published surveys in Scoir are live and cannot be changed. These are sent to registered students and parent only.


Once surveys are published, you will see both the status as well as be able to click on the recipients and know which students completed the survey.

How Will Students Be Notified of the Survey?

As with all notifications, survey notifications will only go to students who are registered with Scoir.

If students are logged into Scoir at the time of this communication, they will receive a notification in their Message Center.

If students are not logged into Scoir at the time of this communication, they will receive an email alert and a notification in their Message Center the next time they log into Scoir.

You can encourage students to download our Scoir mobile application (on iOS or Android); if students with the app are not logged into Scoir at the time a communication is sent out, they will receive a push notification through the app.

How-To Video

Creating and Publishing a Survey from Scoir on Vimeo 

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