For Counselors: The Email Center

Any staff on Scoir, with the exception of Teachers, can see school-wide emails at a glance.

The Email Center allows you to:

  • Draft Messages and Schedule Messages in Advance
  • See the status, author, and recipients of an email
  • Edit an email (if you're the author)
  • Delete an email before it’s sent

Accessing the Email Center

To access the email center, log in to your Scoir account and click on the Comms tab.

All currently scheduled and sent emails will be displayed by default, but can be filtered by sent or scheduled status. Emails that are scheduled will have a blue indicator and emails that have already been sent will have a green indicator. Emails can also be sorted by send date, last updated, and who it was sent from.

Drafting or Scheduling an Email

  1. Choose Create New and The Email Dialogue box will appear.

  1. Choose when you would like the email to be sent and choose if you wish to set a reminder and the time for the reminder.

  1. Choose the class years and audience you would like to send the message to, and whether or not you would like to include other counselors. Clicking View Details will show the list of recipients.

  1. Draft the message like any other email. Click Save as Draft to save or Send to send or schedule.

Viewing Recipients

Recipients of any email can be viewed by clicking the Recipients button adjacent to that email. Recipients will also show any filters that were used in the creation of the contact list for that specific email.

Deleting an Email

As long as an email has not yet been sent, that email can be deleted, which will cancel the send and remove it from the system.

Please Note! You do not need to be the author of an email in order to delete. Any user can delete any scheduled email that has not yet been sent.

To delete an email, click the Delete button that is adjacent to the email you wish to delete. Deleting an email is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

Editing an Email

As long as an email you have drafted has not yet been sent, that email can be edited. To edit an email, click the Edit button that is adjacent to that email.

You will only be able to edit emails that you have created.
Please Note! For emails that were created outside of the email center (e.g. via the student roster) you will not be able to change the audience. If you’d like to adjust the audience, delete the email and recreate a new one in the original location.

Once the edit is complete, click Schedule.

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