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For Colleges: Presence

Presence is included when you upgrade to Premium Presence. Learn more

Premium Presence is a feature within Scoir that allows you to create and manage campaigns as they relate to student's interests and your institution.

This guide describes how to create, manage, and publish content for students.

All Premium Presence items can be found by navigating to Engage > Presence.


There are seven premium presence tabs: Overview, Academics, Admissions, Cost and Aid, Student Life, Events, and Programs. Each tab coincides with a section of your school's profile on the Scoir platform. By clicking on a tab you will access content management for that particular section of your school's profile on Scoir.


One of the most powerful aspects of content management is the ability for you to create content that is targeted to students based on their interests and academic focus. As students complete their profile information within Scoir, this information coincides with interest tags and academic focus tags that can also be linked with any piece of custom content that you create.

E.g. if a student indicates they are interested in pursuing Mathematics, a content card with a Mathematics tag will be prioritized when they view the school's profile.

Creating Content Cards

When it comes time to create and manage content, this can be done by first clicking on the presence tab that coincides with the section of your profile you want your card to appear on, and then choosing + Create New Card.

Managing Content

  1. Photos can be added to the card to help grab the attention of the users and visually display content.
  2. The Description of the card allows for rich text including hyperlinks to your school's website.
  3. The Link Field can also be used to draw attention to the most important calls to action. If your link is to a video, e.g YouTube and Vimeo, we will detect that and embed the video directly into the card.
  4. Interest and Academic Focus Tags can be used to better focus and match content to students who have indicated specific interests in their profile.
    1. The interest and academic focus are inclusive - the more Interests or Academic focuses that are tagged, the broader the audience will be.

Best Practices for Content Card Images

For best results, your content card images should be square. Our content card creation tool will be able to assist in cropping your image to a square shape if necessary.

For image clarity, larger images are better. There is no limit to the maximum dimensions of your image. Our content card tool will automatically scale the image to fit the content card. However, your image should be at least 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels high.

Publishing Content

Content cards may be published immediately or hidden to be published at a later date.

Be sure you have toggled Publish all content content ON to enable your dynamic content. As a college admissions team member, you will always see the content regardless of the toggle.

Content will be prioritized based on a student's indicated interests. If no interests match, the content will display in the order it is published. Content cards can also be dragged and dropped into a custom order if preferred. Content cards without an audience are stationary and will display in the order chosen.

Using Premium Presence [Video]

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