Entering ACT and PreACT Scores via Rapid Manual Entry

If you want to record your students' ACT and PreACT scores but don't have a score data file, Scoir has a rapid-entry screen to make this easier for you!  

  1. Navigate to the ACT section of the Data Management feature

  1. Select "Rapid Manual Entry":
  2. Enter Test Date


  1. Start typing the name of the students whose score is being recorded.  As you type, SCOIR will pre-fill with students who are already in SCOIR.  Select your student from the drop down choices.



  1. The fields for ACT scores are drag and drop.  Use your ACT/PreACT score sheet and drag and drop the corresponding subjects to match your score sheet.


  1. Not in this order?  No problem, change the order.  Grab, drag and drop when the icon turn to an arrow as you hover over the subject box.




  1. Save the record when finished and it is automatically added to SCOIR under that student's score record!


NOTE:  If Writing Scores are entered, ELA must also be entered.  Or, you may leave them both blank.  They come as a 'pair' so either they must both be completed or neither of them completed.




If a record is incorrectly entered, simply hit the delete button to remove.  You will need to re-enter that student again if it was entered incorrectly.  


That's it! Once the record is entered, it will be saved directly to the student profile record without having to access each individual student.






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