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For Counselors: Custom Properties and Property Groups

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Middle school counselors, please note that your access and visibility into certain features might differ compared to high school counselors'.

Custom Properties are fields that you create allowing you to store, view, filter, and export unique information about your students and school in Scoir. That way, if Scoir doesn’t have an existing field for what you want to capture, like summer programs, military branch, or number of honor courses taken, you can simply create one yourself 🎉

Once created, you can group these properties for easier organization, filter by them, and much more! 

Assigning Custom Property Manager Roles

Account Admins and those assigned the Custom Property Manager role can create and edit custom properties. 
  1. From the dashboard, go to More > Users 
  2. Select Roles next to the name your assigning the role 
  3. Toggle on Custom Property Manager 

Creating Custom Properties & Property Groups

  1. Go to More > School Settings 
  2. Click Custom Properties in the left sidebar
  3. Select Create Custom Property in the top right corner
  4. Name the custom field
  5. If you’d like, add a description and create a new group or assign to an existing one

Next, choose type of field you'd like to create:

  • Single Checkbox: Great for for Yes/No questions like whether a student has completed their FAFSA or is taking duel enrollment courses
  • Single Select : Ideal for tracking areas that have a single response, but more than one option to choose from, such as the Military Branch a student is entering
  • Multiple Select: Use these to capture more than one option for students such as clubs they're involved in and sports they play
  • Date: Good for keeping up with students' test dates and Specific timelines for completion
  • Number: Capture how many honors courses a student has take and specific scholarship amounts awarded
  • Single-line Text: Choose this field when you need more context, or options are limitless or unique to a particular student, like which summer programs a student is involved in
Did you know custom properties can be mapped to forms? Learn how in the article For Counselors: Using Forms

Editing & deleting custom properties

  1. Go to More > School Settings 
  2. Click Custom Properties in the left sidebar
  3. To delete a custom property, click on the trash icon to right of it and confirm the deletion
  4. To edit a custom property, click the pencil icon to the right of it
  5. From the slide-out, make your edits
  6. Click Save
If you're editing a custom property that's mapped to a Form, be aware that changing the name or options of the property will updates the corresponding fields in the form. Deleting a mapped property removes the mapping but keeps the form and its options intact.

Managing Custom Properties in the Student Roster

Head over to the Students tab to filter custom properties, add them to your column, save them in your views, and export them. 

Filtering Custom Properties

  1. Select Filters
  2. From the filter slide-out, scroll down to see your Custom Properties and Groups

Adding Custom Properties to Roster Views

  1. Go to Columns
  2. Scroll down to Custom Properties 
  3. Select Add to the properties you’d like to include in your roster rows
  4. From there, Save as a New View or Save Changes to a current view

Viewing Custom Properties in a Student’s Profile

  1. Select a student from the roster or search bar
  2. Once on their profile, scroll down to Custom Properties on the left side
  3. From there, view Custom Properties and Groups, as well as edit based on the particular student

Importing Custom Properties

Learn how to bulk import Custom Properties in the article For Counselors: Importing Custom Properties.

Mapping Custom Properties to a Form

Learn how to map Custom Properties to a Form in the article For Counselors: Using Forms

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