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For Students: Following a College in Scoir

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What Following a College Means

One of the first things you should do in Scoir is build your college list. You can do this by discovering colleges, which can be done according to the directions here. The best place to add your college matches that you are interested in is to add them to your Following list.

Let's talk about the benefits of adding colleges to your Following list.

  1. College Outreach
    Colleges on your Following list can send you messages so you can learn more about them. Not to worry, we do not share any personal information about you, colleges just know you are interested.
  2. College Visits Notifications
    Every time a college you are following schedules a visit with your school via Scoir, you will get a notification. That way, you won't ever miss a visit with the colleges you are interested in!

You can also see a list of all college visits right on your dashboard under Your Application Deadlines & Registered Visits, and register for visits under Register for Office Hours & Visits. You can register for college visits with a single click.

These will also appear in your drop down menu under Events & Deadlines for a more detailed breakdown. You again from here can register for college visits with a single click.

So how can you add colleges to your Following list?

You can add colleges to your Following list one of the below ways.

  1. Drag & Drop
    You can drag and drop the colleges into the Following column, or, use the three dot icon on the right to complete this change.

  1. Suggested Colleges
    Your counselors, but also parents and guardians (if they are connected to your profile) can suggest colleges to you on this page. You can then drag them over to start following them.
Please see here for directions on how to link your parent to your account in Scoir.

  1. Add from My Colleges tab search

If you already have a mental list of colleges, you can just add them straight to your list from the top of the column!

  1. Add from search bar

You can search for a college via the search bar on your dashboard and use the save icon to save to your My Colleges list.

Want to Unfollow a college? Here's how.

Why should I Follow a college on Scoir?

The college journey isn't easy, and at times it may feel like there is a mountain of tasks ahead of you. By following your first school, you won't just set off an entire network of support, it might also help you feel a little less stressed about the process.

What does it mean to Follow a school?

Following a school simply means adding it to your Following List in Scoir. This can be done by clicking the follow button which can be found in your dashboard, by a college search started on the Discover page, or on a college's profile page directly.

Why should I add a school to my Following list?

  • It sets off a network of support

Curating a list in Scoir is the simplest way to coordinate with those who support your college journey (like counselors and parents/guardians, and even the colleges themselves!) Adding a school to your will let a counselor know that you've started the process and it helps us to better tailor custom recommendations to you.

  • It will help you connect with colleges and learn about their programs

By adding schools to your list, this allows colleges to send you information about programs and opportunities specific to your interests.

  • It will help you stay organized during your college exploration experience

Adding a single school to your list might not seem like that big a deal, but think about it, once you add the first one, it means you've completed one of the first most-important tasks in your post-graduate journey. This marks one less thing to do and adding the next ones might even be easier. So what are you waiting for?

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