For Students: What Following a College Means

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One of the first things you should do in Scoir is build your college list. The best place start is to add colleges to your Following list.

Let's talk about the benefits of adding colleges to your Following list.
  1. College Outreach
    Colleges on your Following list can send you messages so you can learn more about them. Not to worry, we do not share any personal information about you, colleges just know you are interested.
  2. College Visits Notifications
    Every time a college you are following schedules a visit with your school via Scoir, you will get a notification. That way, you won't ever miss a visit with the colleges you are interested in!

You can also see a list of all college visits right on your dashboard. These will appear in your menu under Events & Deadlines. You can register with a single click.

So how can you add colleges to your Following list?
  1. Drag & Drop
    You can add colleges to your Following list one of two ways. You can drag and drop the colleges into the Following column, or, use the three dot icon on the right to complete this change.

  1. Suggested Colleges
    Your counselors, but also parents and guardians (if they are connected to your profile) can suggest colleges to you on this page. You can then drag them over to start following them.
  1. If you already have a mental list of colleges, you can just add them straight to your list from the top of the column!

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