Bulk Add/Update School Photos

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Add or Update Student Photos

This features requires the Data Management Role in Scoir.

(A step-by-step instructional video can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Sometimes putting a face to a name makes it easier to remember exactly which students require which type of attention or assistance.

In Scoir, student photos can be added by counselors


To enable school photos first turn the setting on in the Account Settings. (Students will always be able to add in their own photos.)



Adding photos individually 

Photos can be added to individual student profiles by clicking on the profile picture and choosing Edit, Upload Photo.

Bulk Photo Upload instructions

WARNING! Bulk Photo Upload Cannot Be Undone
  1. Before You Begin 
    1. Be sure that photos are in Jpeg Format
    2. Photos must be named using student IDs
    3. Photos cannot exceed 10MB File Size
    4. Photos must be uploaded as a Zip file
  2. Uploading Photos
    1. From the dropdown menu, click Data Management and then Upload New File next to School Photos
    2. Next Choose Your Zip File
    3. The photos will process and automatically be allocated to student profiles
    4. Errors will be available to download from the Data Import History

Removing Photos

To remove a photo from a student's profile, open their profile, click on the photo, and click Remove photo. You will be asked if you want to confirm the photo removal. Click yes, and the photo will be removed.


Supported filetypes include Png and Jpg/Jpeg.
Photos will be matched based on the student ID number used in Scoir

How-To Video

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