Bulk Add/Update Student GPAs

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  1. Download the import template found here: Scoir_GPA_Import.csv
  2. Enter the required information
    If you do not use both an unweighted and weighted GPA, only the GPA being used or updated needs to be included.
    *student_id_hs Unique, school-assigned student ID, which can contain alphanumeric characters (primary identifier your school uses to match data with a student's record.
    first_name Student's first name
    last_name Student's last name
    class_year Student's graduation year
    *unweighted_GPA Student's current GPA
    *weighted_GPA Student's current weighted GPA
    * = required field
  3. Submit the GPAs in the Data Management feature under Student Data/Update GPAs.  


  1. Map the data fields to the correct category and submit 



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