Bulk Add/Update Student GPAs

  1. Download a file from your SIS that includes both the HS Student ID and the GPA values which are used in Scoir. Save the file as a .csv . If you do not have a download, you can use the template found here: Scoir_GPA_Import.csv
  2. If using template, Enter the required information
    If you do not use both an unweighted and weighted GPA, only the GPA being used or updated needs to be included.
    *student_id_hs Unique, school-assigned student ID, which can contain alphanumeric characters (primary identifier your school uses to match data with a student's record.
    first_name Student's first name
    last_name Student's last name
    class_year Student's graduation year
    *unweighted_GPA Student's current GPA
    *weighted_GPA Student's current weighted GPA
    * = required field
  3. Navigate to Data Management | Student Data | Student GPAs and upload either the SIS export .csv file or the temaplate .csv file. Click 'Upload new file' to add the file and click 'continue'.


  1. Map the data fields to the correct category and click 'proceed' 



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