For Colleges: Configuring SFTP Integration with Scoir

Actions described in this guide require both the Account Administrator role and Admissions Operations role

How do I configure my SFTP server to receive documents from Scoir?

For specifically configuring Slate integration with Scoir, please see our article here.

Scoir supports the delivery of document batches via SFTP. To set up your SFTP integration, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Configure Integrations tab.
  2. Select SFTP Setup.
  3. Complete the required fields for Server Location, then click Save.
  4. Provide a username for Server Credentials; then provide either a password or generate a public key to access your SFTP server, then click Save.
  5. Test the connection by clicking the Test Connection button.
  6. If a successful connection is made, you may further test the configuration by sending a test batch by clicking the Send Test Batch button.
  7. Once connected, you may control whether or not the configuration is active via the Activate SFTP Delivery toggle.

To reset your SFTP configuration at any time, click the Clear Credentials button.

If you are experiencing issues setting up yur SFTP integration, please see our troubleshooting article here.

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