Scheduling Office Hours

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With the Scoir Calendar, Counselors are able to schedule office hours visits with students

  1. Navigate to the calendar and add a new meeting or pick a time directly within the calendar
  2. Choose the Office Hours Option on the right
  3. From here you will be able to edit in the office hours meeting details:
    1. Location (This is not required, but can be used to indicate a physical or virtual location)
    2. Event Date (the date of the meeting)
    3. Begin Time/End Time (the start and end time for the meeting)
    4. Internal Description (Anyone who clicks on the meeting will be able to see these meeting details)
    5. Max Number of Students (The default here is set to one however you may open the meeting to as many students as you would like)
    6. The Class Years Permitted to Attend (You will be able to limit which class years of students are able to register to attend these meetings
  4. Once the meeting is saved it will be available to view in the office hours visits section of your calendar. Unconfirmed visits will be displayed in yellow and confirmed visits will be in blue

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