For Counselors: Adding a YouTube video to My Drive

YouTube videos can be shared with students using the My Drive feature. When you add a YouTube link to your students' My Drive, they will be able to view your selected YouTube video directly from their student account without leaving Scoir.

Sharing a YouTube video with an individual student

To begin, prepare your YouTube link to share with your student.

Open the video's page in YouTube and click on the "Share" link just below the video.

A "Share" pop-up will appear that contains options for sharing your video, including the video's Internet address or "URL." This is what we will use when adding the video to the My Drive.

Click Copy to copy this URL.

If you need to share your YouTube video link with multiple students, review our Bulk Add a Link to Multiple My Drives help article for further instruction.

With your video's URL copied, locate the student in Scoir and view their Student Profile. Navigate to the My Drive section at the bottom of the student's Overview page.

Click on the Share or Link option in the My Drive

The Add a link screen will appear. Paste the video URL we copied from YouTube into the Paste Share Link field. Then, add a title for the video in the Title field. Students will see this title in their My Drive.

Once you have entered your video information, click Save to finish.

Your YouTube video link will now appear in your student's My Drive, including your title and the date you added the video.

Your student will be able to view the video directly from their Scoir student account by clicking on the video link in their My Drive.

A screen will appear that displays the video directly from YouTube, without having to leave their Scoir student account.

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