Digitally Signing The Early Decision Contract

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What Is Early Decision (ED)?

Early decision (ED) is a binding agreement, where the student indicates to the college that upon acceptance they will attend that school. This is a good choice if they know the school is the number one choice. However, students may only apply to one school using this process. Because it is a binding agreement, the institution requires signatures from the student, the family, and a school counselor.

How Do I Complete an ED Contract When Requested?

Once your student indicates that they are planning to apply to a school ED - upon login - you will be prompted to complete the ED contract

  1. Click Get Started to begin the signing process
  2. Check the box to consent and then choose sign to add your digital signature
  3. A timestamp will indicate the time the signature was added

I Want to Wait to Sign the ED Agreement

That's ok. You don't need to sign it immediately, but it will need to be signed before the application documents are submitted. To skip signing the document, choose Skip instead of Sign.

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