For Parents/Guardians: Viewing Scattergrams

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Scattergrams visually depict historical admissions decisions using previous students' GPAs and SAT/ACT scores. Scattergrams are intended to provide a guidepost to gauge likelihood of acceptance and are not intended to be a definitive predictor of admission.

Scattergrams are only available if your student is linked to a high school using Scoir.

How do I view scattergrams?

To view scattergrams, follow these steps.

  1. View your student's profile by clicking on the My Students tab at the top and choosing your student from the list that appears.

  1. Go to the Colleges and Applications option on the left side and select Scattergram.

  1. On the Scattergram page, you will be able to toggle between scattergrams for any college you have suggested to your student, as well as any college your student is Following, Applying to, or has Applied to. A purple star will indicate your student's position on the scattergram in relation to historical admission data from the student's school.

  1. Use the scattergram tools to adjust the display of the data presented.

  • Toggle between Unweighted and Weighted GPA
  • Change the Class Range
  • Toggle display of the Acceptance Heatmap
  • Filter data by Application type

  1. Click a data point to see more information

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