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For Students: Inviting Your Parents/Guardians

Inviting parents and/or guardians to link to your student account provides access to financial calculators and a view of colleges in your My Colleges list, along with the ability to offer suggestions to help guide your college discovery.

Inviting Parents/Guardians to Scoir

  1. Go to your Student Profile and click the + Invite a Parent button in the Personal Details section.
  1. Submit the first name, last name, and email address of your parent or guardian. You can also enter their education history. Once complete, click Invite.
Once a parent has been invited, you may re-invite or edit the details of the intended recipient ONLY while awaiting their confirmation by using the pencil icon.
You may remove parents from your account at any time using the pencil icon as well and selecting Unlink Parent. (Note: This will only unlink the parent from your student account, and will not delete their parent account.)

Adding a parent's education history

You have the opportunity to record a parent’s education history at any time before the parent registers their account.

Please note: Parent education history cannot be added by you, your counselor, or your parent after they register.

To add a parent’s education history, follow these steps.

  1. Click the edit button (pencil icon) next to the parent’s name to open the Update a Parent window.
  1. Select their Highest Degree Earned from the drop-down menu.
If you’ve selected ‘Some College, No Degree Earned’ or greater, you will be required to provide a school and degree. You can add additional schools and degrees by clicking the +Add a School button.
  1. Click Update to save the changes.

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