Bulk Assign or Re-Assign of Counselor(s) to Students

Once you've added information about your students and guidance staff, you can easily bulk assign students to counselors in Scoir by class year and alpha order.





 This can be achieved quickly and easily in different steps.  By following this step-by-step guide this process enables guidance staff to more easily track and communicate with students for whom they are responsible.  


NOTE: You must have the Account Administrator role to access the Counselor Assignment tool

Bulk Assignment:


1.  Click the welcome dropdown and select "Users" and Assign Counselors




3.  Distribute. Select the correct distribution for your students.  A small description is included for each selection.


In the example below, three counselors have been added to class year 2019. Scoir will automatically distribute the student count by these three counselors to ensure each counselor has the same number of students in the 2019 class.  Scoir will automatically adjust the alpha order to accommodate an equal distribution of students.  Counselors should be added in the order of the alphabet that the are responsible for. 


See below:





 Original Distribution show below:





Adjusted Distribution (my school uses a different alpha sort order for my 2019 student).







Once the distribution is shown as needed for your high school, check the box 'Re-assign to existing students' for this distribution to apply to your existing students in Scoir and Save.  This will reassign counselors to all of the selected students in Scoir to match your criteria set in the assignment box.








Individually Assign Counselors, or by Specific Student Groups:


If the assignment of students to counselors needs to be more refined and not in alpha or class year assignment, this is easily achieved. Navigate to the 'Students' tab in SCOIR.  If students need to be filtered by class year, use the filter tool and filter students as needed.







Click the tiles (white space only) of the students you wish to select, which will highlight their left border in blue.

From the "Actions" drop down, select Assign Counselor. 


NOTE:  When assigning counselors in this way, assignments can only be done by one page at at time.






If students are split into different groups, create a student group which will hold all of the students which should be assigned to a specific counselor.


For help with this, see: https://scoir.zendesk.com/hc/articles/230039447-Create-and-Manage-Student-Groups


Navigate to the 'Groups' tab under 'Students.'








From this page, you can select a group, which will bring you to a filtered explore page with a list of the students in that group.


To assign a counselor to this group, click 'Select All,' then in the 'Actions' dropdown menu, click 'Assign Counselor.'







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Individual Assign or Re-assign Counselor(s) to Students