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Assigning Counselors to Students

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Bulk Assignment

Once you've added information about your students and guidance staff, you can easily bulk assign students to counselors in Scoir by:

This can be achieved quickly and easily in different steps. By following this step-by-step guide this process enables guidance staff to more easily track and communicate with students for whom they are responsible.   

The import process does import counselor names on student records, however, these do need to be 'assigned' in Scoir for the counselor to be connected with the student unless the auto-assign is turned on. For further directions, see here.
You must have the Account Administrator role to access the Counselor Assignment tool.

Class year and alpha order

  1. Click on the welcome dropdown menu, select Users and click on Assign Counselors


  1.  Select the correct distribution for your students. A small description is included for each section.


In the example below, three counselors have been added to class year 2021. Scoir will automatically distribute the student count ensuring each counselor has the same number of students. Scoir will automatically adjust the alpha order to accommodate an equal distribution of students.

Counselors should be added in the order of the alphabet they are responsible for. 

If counselors would like to edit the alpha listing for students once all the counselors have been added to the distribution list, they are able to edit the blue links.


 Original Distribution show below:

You can adjust distribution by clicking on the letters in blue.


Once the distribution is shown as needed for your high school, make sure you check the box Re-assign to existing students for this distribution to apply to your existing students in Scoir and Save.  This will reassign counselors to all of the selected students in Scoir to match your criteria set in the assignment box.

Redistribute will return the results to the original bulk assignments of even distribution among listed counselors. 

Individually assign counselors 

If the assignment of students to counselors needs to be more refined and not in alpha or class year assignment, this is easily achieved. Navigate to the Students tab.  If students need to be filtered by class year, use the filter tool and filter students as needed.

You can either filter students or click on their tiles (white space only) of the students you wish to select, which will highlight their left border in blue. From the Actions drop down, select Assign Counselors.


When assigning counselors in this way, assignments can only be done one page at at time.


Specific student groups

If students are split into different groups, you can create a student group that will hold all of the students who should be assigned to a specific counselor.


Navigate to the Groups tab under Students tab.



From this page, you can select a group, which will bring you to a filtered explore page with a list of the students in that group. To assign a counselor to this group, click Select All, then in the Actions dropdown menu, click Assign Counselor.


Individual Assignment

There may be times when you want to assign a specific student to a specific counselor or change a counselor assignment. There are two ways to do this.  The first is to go directly to the students' profile screen, next to the student's name at the top, click the Edit icon in the student information tile.



Then type in the name of the counselor you want to assign to that student in the Assigned Counselor field, and click Save.



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For the new view, select the student tile by checking off the box on the left hand side of the student list. You may select any students on one page at a time, or select them all. From there, use the actions toolbar at the top of the page and select the Assign Counselor button.

Type the name of the counselor in the box. Then click Confirm.


 The counselor is now re-assigned!

For the old view, Select the student tile by clicking in the white space. You may select any students on one page at a time. From the Actions drop down, choose Assign Counselor.



Type the name of the counselor in the box. Then click Save Changes.



The counselor is now re-assigned!

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