Uploading and Mapping Your End of Cycle Report

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Please Note: The End of Cycle Report file upload page will only accept files in the .CSV (comma-separated values) format.

File Requirements

Each uploaded file will be linked to a single report. You can control which audience you want the report ran on by filtering the students in your CRM when you build the file. For example, if you would like us to produce an End of Year report to better understand the matriculation rate and yield of this year’s senior class, upload senior data only. Alternatively, if you’re interested in generating insights around your freshman-junior audience, upload data for these class years only. Shape the reported audience in whatever way is useful for you.

A conversion report with Admit/Yield details will only be relevant for graduating seniors. When requesting a conversion report only those students should be included in the uploaded file. We also require a "decision" value in order to calculate these outcomes. Each college organizes these values differently so we are flexible to accept whatever "decision" values used in your CRM. Our first step will be to follow up over email to map the values submitted to the stages we report on: Prospect, Applicant, Admitted and Deposited.

Required Fields

The fields below are required for the successful generation of the End of Cycle Report





Unique student Identifier from your CRM system.


First Name

Student First Name


Last Name

Student Last Name



Student Birthdate which must be in one of the following formats

  • 1/1/04: Month/Day/Year Abbreviation
  • 1/25/2003: Month/Day/Year
  • 25/1/04: Day/Month/Year Abbreviation
  • 25/1/2004: Day/Month/Year
  • 2004-05-11: Year-Month-Day


Application Term

The specific term for the student's application. Most likely the student's Graduation Year

Fall 2021, 2021, ED 2021

Optional Fields

While the below fields are optional, we recommend including all fields for the most comprehensive insights report




Scoir ID

The ID attached to the student applicant documents sent to your college from Scoir. We highly recommend writing this value down in your CRM. Please reach out to your customer success partner if you need assistance with this.


High School CEEB Code

A CEEB Code is a specific school identification number originally created by the College Board


Date of CRM Entry

The date of when the CRM Entry was entered which must be in one of the following formats

  • 1/1/04: Month/Day/Year Abbreviation
  • 1/25/2003: Month/Day/Year
  • 25/1/04: Day/Month/Year Abbreviation
  • 25/1/2004: Day/Month/Year
  • 2004-05-11: Year-Month-Day



How would you describe the student status in your CRM?

Prospect, Inquiry, Applicant


*required for reporting on outcomes for this years graduating class.

The most recent Decision for the students application.

Note: To keep this extract as simple as possible for you we prefer you to send the decisions "as-is" from your CRM and we will map them accordingly to each reporting stage. It's OK for Prospects/Inquiries to have empty or null values.

The report will have details on the following stages:

  • Students who have not Not Applied
  • Students who Applied but were not Admitted
  • Students who were Admitted but have not Deposited
  • Deposited Students

Admit, Deposit Paid, Deny, Incomplete, Withdrawn, Waitlist, null

Uploading and Mapping The End of Cycle CRM Report

After inputting the headers and data for the Required Fields and any of the Optional Fields, the user will be ready to upload the End of Cycle CSV and complete the mapping process.

Example CSV File

  1. Navigate to the Engage Tab and choose End of Cycle Report

  1. Click, Upload Student Data and select your saved CSV file.

  1. After uploading the CSV, you will be taken to the Mapping Page where the user can map the specific file fields to the different Required and Optional fields.
    1. Some of the fields may automatically be mapped as indicated by a green checkmark icon
    2. Remaining unmapped fields will be indicated with a red 'X' icon and must be mapped manually

  1. Data Counters at the bottom of the page indicate fields matched, fields unmatched, and duplicates found. If there are any Required Fields missing, the user will not be able to upload the file.

  1. To manually map a specific Import Field to a Scoir Field, simply click the dropdown button under the Scoir Field for the specific Import Field, and choose one of the options

  1. Once all required fields have been mapped, click on the ‘Upload Student Data’ button to complete the upload process.
    1. If the button cannot be selected this is an indication that required fields have not been mapped or that there are remaining duplicate fields

  1. Once complete the name of the recently uploaded file will be visible along with the specific user that uploaded the file and the date of upload. Your Scoir Customer Success Partner will be reaching out in the next day or 2 to review next steps.

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