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Actions described in this guide require the Account Administrator role.

Scoir allows high schools to have greater control over their students’ Applying and Applied lists through a My Colleges setting that requires students to first receive counselor acknowledgement before moving colleges into their Applied columns.

To enable the counselor acknowledgement setting, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings tab of School Account & Settings.
  2. In the College Lists and Acceptance Data there will be 'My Colleges Settings section', toggle Require counselor acknowledgement of Applying to Yes.

Once enabled, students will no longer be able to directly move college tiles into the Applied column without each tile first being acknowledged by a counselor.

To acknowledge a college a student has moved into their Applying column, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Colleges & Applications section of student profile whose college you wish to acknowledge.
  2. On the college tile, beside Application Acknowledgement, click OK.

You can also quickly access a filtered list of all students with colleges pending acknowledgement by clicking the Pending Acknowledgement count on the counselor dashboard.

Colleges already in your students’ Applying and Applied columns will not be retroactively affected by enabling counselor acknowledgement. The setting will only apply to actions taken after the setting has been enabled.

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