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Please note: Only colleges signed receiving applications from Scoir will be able to utilize this section.

Colleges will need to link Scoir with their Slate instance in order to receive applications through Scoir. This section will walk you through the process of testing that connection to enable application delivery.

Only users with the Application Manager role will be able to access this section.
You must complete the 'Configure' section of the Application tab as well as the 'Activate' section to receive applications.

Step 1: Test Application Initiation

Before moving forward with this process:

You are required to have both your Source Format and Supplemental Form active in Slate prior to launch. Due to the unique nature of our application integration, the existence of the active source format is critical. An inactive source format will result in failures for your applicants. Please wait to activate in Scoir until you have made these items active in Slate.

Leaving this page after any of the steps below will not require starting over again and will save your completed progress.
Please note: Users need to have the 'Import' permission in Slate to be able to pull the Coalition ID from Slate.
  1. To test the connection between Slate and Scoir, you must enter your Coalition ID here. This will send a test application to your Slate instance. Your verification-app-round must be mapped in Slate prior to performing this step.
    1. Map verification-app-round and then send mock app
    1. Click Send Mock Application.

  1. After you send the mock application, this will initialize the status. 'Initiated' status means that the application was sent successfully from Scoir to Slate.

  1. The next step is to verify data has been sent to the correct Slate instance for your institution. To do this, you must enter the Coalition ID in the space provided here. This Coalition ID must be pulled from Slate.
    (steps below)
  1. Go to the gear icon at the top of the page in Slate.
  1. Go to Source Formats
  1. Go to CoaltionApplicationProfile under Source Formats
  1. Click the most recent record to show Row Details

  1. Copy the coalitionId (in the 5th row) and copy that field
  2. Return to Scoir and paste that copied Coalition ID from Slate into Scoir.
  1. Once you hit Submit, a green checkmark should show, indicating that the correct coalitionid number from your college's Slate instance matched the Scoir reported Slate instance for your college.

Step 2: Test Application Submission (test your form)

This is where we are testing submission of the college supplement.

  1. Here, you will click Open Supplement in New Tab button to be taken to Slate to confirm your application information. This will SSO the user into Slate.
We recommend using Chrome and incognito window to alleviate any issues with the Slate SSO if you are already logged into Slate as another user.
  1. Be sure to fill out and verify all the necessary information in Slate as required by your institution, and to click Save after editing the round.
  1. Once this is complete, go back into Scoir, click the Refresh button to update the status. This should reflect 'submitted'.
Please note: Currently, data is being pulled back from Slate on an hourly basis. This piece may take some time. It is ok to leave and return to this page. Your current progress will remain.

If you would like to test the integration with additional test records, use this repository of test application data here. These files need to be saved to your device and uploaded to Slate.

  1. Once the status is confirmed and you have completed any desired additional testing, click Verify and Continue. Your screen will then look like the below.

Step 3: Confirm Application Configuration

The next step will ask you to confirm that you have completed the Application Configuration in Scoir for your institution in the Application Tab under Configure. Your configuration must be completed to proceed in activating your application. You will not be able to make changes to your configuration for this cycle once you have activated your application and the application is made available to students.

If you have completed this click Yes to continue. Click on Preview Application as Student if you'd like to test your application from a student's perspective at this stage of the process.

On August 1, this is locked once you click Yes, so ensure this is all correct before August 1 and clicking Yes.

If you have not completed this, selecting No, go to Application Configuration will take you to the Configure tab in Scoir to complete it before proceeding.

Step 4: Confirm Application Rounds

The next step asks you to confirm whether you have finished setting up your Application Rounds in Scoir. Application Rounds are how we collect application deadlines and requirements. You may set up as many rounds as you need. If you are receiving both First-Year and Transfer applications in Scoir, you will need to have at least one round for each applicant type. All deadlines correspond to 11:59pm UTC on the date selected.

Please review the Application Round help document here for additional information.
Please note: If you have enabled transfer applications, but do not have a transfer application round in place, you will not be able to move forward. 'Yes' will be greyed out here.

If you have completed this click Yes to continue.  If any rounds are not correctly mapped to Slate, an error message will display those rounds. You cannot continue until the mapping issues are resolved.

Click on Preview Application as Student to test your application from a student's perspective.

If you have not completed this or need to make corrections, selecting No, go to Set Rounds will take you to this tab in Scoir to complete it before proceeding.

Step 5: Activate Application

If you have completed all of the steps above, you are ready to activate your application. Take a moment to preview your application, ensuring everything is just as you want it. Once you're all set, click Turn on Apply with Scoir to activate your application. Students will be able to initiate the application process beginning August 1, 2022. If you would like to begin receiving applications at a later date, please do not activate your application until that time.

step five, activate application

Beginning August 1, once you have successfully activated your application, your unique access link to the application experience to share with students will be available here. This unique link will enable students to start your application process immediately. If you need your unique access link prior to August 1, please reach out to support at

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