For Colleges: Reviewing & Downloading Documents

Actions described in this guide require the Admissions Operations role.

You may wish to review the contents of a batch you have received, or view the documents of an individual applicant.

Topics covered in this article include:

Downloading Document Batches

  1. Go to the Batches page, found under the Documents tab.
  2. All current and previous document batches will appear on the batches page. If a batch has not yet been downloaded, there will be no reported Download Date, and the Batch download button will be highlighted in Blue.
    Click the Blue Batch button to download the batch to your computer as a Zip file.
By Default, we display the 25 most recent document batches on this page. However, you can view or download any batch that has been delivered to your institution since your downloading began. Your historical batches will always remain in Scoir.

Use the Rows per page option at the bottom of the list to view more batches, or, the Page Arrows to move to additional pages.

Reviewing or Re-Downloading Previous Document Batches

To review batches you have previously downloaded, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Batches page in the Documents tab

  1. View the contents of a specific batch by clicking its Batch Date in the Batch Date column, or download the batch by clicking the Batch button.
  • If your Delivery Preferences are configured to create Student Manifest files, you may also download the Student List of each batch by clicking the Student List button.

When viewing the contents of a specific batch, click the Eye icon to view and download a specific document within the batch you are reviewing.

Reviewing documents for individual applicants

To review an individual applicant’s documents, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Historical Applicants page in the Documents tab.
  2. Search for the student using either first or last name using the search fields at the top right corner.
  3. Review the list of received documents for your student, and click the Eye icon to preview a specific document.

  4. If you wish to re-download the individual document, click the Download icon in the top right corner of the PDF document preview.

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