For Counselors: Creating Multiple College Visits at the Same Time

(This guide will show you how to schedule multiple college visits during the same time slot)

Visits In Scoir can be either in-person or virtual. Click here to view the process of scheduling a virtual rep visit in your calendar.
  1. First, navigate to the Calendar section of your Scoir account and create a new visit by clicking on the +New button or clicking directly into the calendar date and time you wish to use.
  1. Next, you must select which kind of visit this will be (Open Visit Availability/Single College Visit/Multi-College Visit), whether the visit will be in-person or virtual, and select the Date/Time. You may fill out the remaining details as usual.
  1. Lastly, you will repeat steps #1 and #2 (with the same date/time) and the preferred visit type. You will now see multiple college visits on your calendar taking place at the same time. If the visit type will be the same as the first visit you created, you can click 'duplicate', review the details, save the visit as a draft, and then publish it.

For more information on the notifications students receive about college visits, visit this HelpDoc.

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