Understanding Error Messages - Student Import

As you onboard to SCOIR in the Import Wizard or use the Data Management area to make other updates, the data you are importing may cause some errors and warnings.  This article will help to understand how to remedy the ones that can be or understand the impact of the other informational warnings.  


Student Data Errors

Many of the errors that may occur during student import are related to missing required fields.   

Screenshot of Errors for missing required ID, First Name, Last Name, Email fields




Additional errors will result in either missing or unsupported Birthdate fields.  
Screenshot of Errors for missing Birthdate or improper formats

How to Remedy Student Data Errors
Many of the Errors during the Student Data Import can be addressed by using the button.  Clicking that will download a file with just the student records that contained errors.  
  1. Open the file, add any of the missing required fields or ensure that the dates are in the supported formats displayed in the error message (mm/dd/yy, mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd).
  2. Save the file as a CSV.
  3. If on the error screen for Student Data still, click "Restart" and then you can go back through the process to import these records.  If not on this screen, go to Data Management and start another Import / Update Student Data.  
Other Naviance Imports (Applications)
The application import relies on two key data points: 1) a student and 2) a college to hook the application data.  The most common "errors" will be if one of those data points doesn't find a match.  In short, the application was from a student that no longer is in the data/system.  The other is that the college that was in the Naviance data set is not in the SCOIR data set.  This is commonly community colleges, some "satellite" campuses, and other institutions that are not core 4-year colleges.  NOTE: SCOIR will be adding new colleges to increase matching for these "fringe" cases as we identify institutions.
Screenshot of Errors for missing College and missing Student

"Errors" for this type of data is more "for informational purposes", there will always be some of the Invalid Colleges since the Naviance and SCOIR data set are not 100% identical.  
Other Naviance Imports (SAT and ACT)
Errors related to test imports should be rare, but may occur if there are tests associated to a student that is not in SCOIR.  
Screenshot of Errors for missing Student

Get Another Error?
If you have other errors that are not covered in this article and are unsure the impact, please submit a support ticket with details of what was the error message displayed.   

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