Understanding Error Messages

As you onboard to Scoir using our Data Management tab, the data you are importing may result in some errors and warnings. This article will help to understand how to remedy them or understand the impact of the other informational warnings.

  1. After you upload a file under the Data Management tab and match fields appropriately, you will be presented with an overview of errors and offer to resolve them right away.

  1. In this case, the student's last name, one of the required fields, is missing.
    Scoir will not import users whose required information is missing.

  1. Once all errors are solved, Scoir will confirm a successful upload.

If you do not resolve errors right away, you can always download the error report. The downloaded error file will have notes explaining what the error is. Once you solve all errors, you can re-upload the file.

To avoid errors, we recommend downloading Scoir's .csv templates and ensuring all required fields have information in them in the right format prior to upload.

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