Understanding Error Messages - Student Import

As you onboard to SCOIR in the Import Wizard or use the Data Management area to make other updates, the data you are importing may cause some errors and warnings.  This article will help to understand how to remedy the ones that can be or understand the impact of the other informational warnings.  


Student Data Errors

Screenshot of Errors for missing required ID, First Name, Last Name, Email fields

Additional errors will result in either missing or unsupported Birthdate fields.

Screenshot of Errors for missing Birthdate or improper formats

How to Remedy Student Data Errors

To begin, click on the "Export Records" button to download a report of student records that contain errors.

  1. Open the file, add any of the missing required fields or ensure that the dates are in the supported formats displayed in the error message (mm/dd/yy, mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd).
  2. Save the file as a CSV.
  3. If on the error screen for Student Data still, click "Restart" and then you can go back through the process to import these records.  If not on this screen, go to Data Management and start another Import / Update Student Data.  

 Other Naviance Imports (Applications)    Screenshot of Errors for missing College and missing Student

Other Naviance Imports (SAT and ACT) Screenshot of Errors for missing Student

Get Another Error?   

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