For Counselors: Understanding What "Needs Attention" Means

This article covers what the "Needs Attention" in the Document Status section means.

You may access the Needs Attention section from:

Dashboard: "Needs Attention" Section

On your Dashboard, within your Document Status section, you have access to the students whose document portals Need Attention. This means that these students have one or more documents missing that are required for one of the colleges they are applying to.

To add these documents or remove them from a student's packet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click into the number next to Needs Attention.
  1. Then, you will have a list of the students whose document portals are missing certain documents.

To begin alleviating these, click on a student's name in Blue.

  1. On the left side, click Send Documents.
  1. In this section, you will see all of the documents required for every college the student has in the Applying or Applied column of their My Colleges list. Any document not yet on file for the student will be in red. There is a box on the right side where this document can be 'removed from the student's packet' if this document does not need sent.

Click the Go to Manage Documents button to upload the missing documents.

  1. To the right of any missing document, you can Add the document (or Request a recommendation letter on behalf of a student, if applicable).

You may also use the college filter at the top right to click through the other colleges the student is applying to, to fulfill any other missing documents if needed.

  1. To click through to the other students in the list, click this Next button to go to the next student's document portal and can repeat the process to upload their missing documents.

For an overview of the Counselor Dashboard, please visit this Help Doc.

Send Documents Screen: "Needs Attention" Section

Within the Applications: Send tab, you may notice some application packets are marked as Partial, meaning that there are some missing documents that Need Attention.

To alleviate these documents that need attention:

  1. Click on either the Needs Attention or Partial Packets button.

  1. Then, you will have a list of the student(s) whose document portals are missing certain documents, along with the specific documents they are missing.

To begin alleviating these, click into a student's name.

  1. Navigate to their Manage Documents tab to upload any missing documents.

You may also use the filter within the Manage Documents tab to filter by college, and upload any required documents:

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