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For Counselors: Discover Programs

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The Programs tab allows students to easily discover and register for summer and pre-college programs hosted by the colleges they’re interested in. As a counselor, you'll also have the ability to explore these opportunities. Let’s look at how you can discover Programs alongside your students.

Accessing Programs

To view Programs, go to Discover > Programs.

Searching for Programs

Scroll to view Programs offered by the colleges your students are interested in. On each card, you can see the dates of the Program, where it’s located, credits awarded, and other important details.

To customize your search, apply filters like academic focus, season, credits awarded, cost & aid, and more by clicking on each filter’s button.

As you’re exploring, you can also suggest colleges to your students by clicking Suggest.

By clicking into the card, you or your student can review the details and register for the Program.

When registering for a Program, students are taken to the college's registration page outside of Scoir. Any Program updates will then come from the college directly.

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