For Counselors: Troubleshooting Parent Linking Issues

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Parents require their Scoir accounts to be linked to both the student and the high school to access data like scattergrams and surveys.

Parent Note: Not all high schools share scattergram data, so please verify with your student’s school to ensure its availability.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take if parents can't access features like surveys, scattergrams, or emails: 

  • Check if the parent is marked as "Registered" in Scoir on the Counselor Portal. If not, they're not linked to your school and need to be invited. Any status other than "Registered" indicates the parent is not linked to the school
  • Ensure the parent is logging into their account on with the email address and password they used to register. If not, instruct them to log in using these credentials.
  • Verify if the student on the parent’s account has already registered. If not, the student must register before the pare
    nt can access school data. Remember, parents must be linked to both the student and the school.

Linking a parent to your school

To link a parent who is not currently connected to your school, go to the Parent tab, select the parent you'd like to invite, and then click Actions > Invite.

Once invited, the parent will receive an email invitation that's valid for (7) days. If more than 7 days have passed since the last invite, simply click Resend Invitation. After sending multiple invites, ensure the parent uses the link provided in the most recent email, as it is the only one that will work.

What does Pending Review mean?

If a parent is listed as Pending Review, that means they were added by the student and are linked only to the student. The high school needs to invite them to link to the school. Once the parent accepts the invitation via email, they can access school data.

For Counselors: Troubleshooting Parent Linking Issues

Counselors can view parents added by students but not yet linked to the high school by accessing the Parent tab, opening the filters menu on the left-hand side and selecting Pending under the Roster filter.

Filters menu on parent tab

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