Recording Scholarships and Awards for Students

In order to award scholarships, first a scholarship must be created in SCOIR.  Navigate to Students | Scholarships.


Click the Add Scholarship button.

Enter the required information in the 'Record a Scholarship' box and Save and Close or select Record Awards and move to the Awards page.



Once the Scholarship is added it will show on the list.  To 'Award' a scholarship, click on the name of the scholarship in blue or the Screen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_10.40.00_AM.png


The Screen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_10.40.00_AM.png button is designed for a short, quick add of a student and amount to the Scholarship.


Clicking on the name of the Scholarship will open up the complete award list for that Scholarship.  Here you can make a Scholarship Active or Inactive:

Screen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_10.46.05_AM.png  Green check box = Active    Screen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_10.52.36_AM.png  Blue plus sign = Inactive

A view is provided of the Scholarship recipients:


Awards can be entered by adding a recipient:


And a graph is provided showing the Scholarship historical data:


NOTE:  Remember Scholarship data can also be obtained by using the Reports Tab and running a Scholarship report. 







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