For Counselors: Set Student Outcomes and Post-Graduate Plans

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Accessing Outcomes

As college results are coming in and students are making final decisions on their post-graduate plans, you as a counselor have the ability to Set Student Outcomes and Plans. Click on the Welcome Dropdown Menu, choose Data Management and select Student Outcomes and Plans.

Utilizing Outcomes

  1. Applications can be sorted by Plan Status, Outcome Status, Class Year, College, Student, or Assigned Counselor.
    Plan Status: Allows you to filter students based on a selection of plan statuses. Any is inclusive of all students, incomplete will show students with incomplete outcomes, and complete will show student who have completed all of their outcomes.
    Outcome Status: Allows you to filter students based on collegiate and non-collegiate outcome status including Any, Pending, Accepted, Denied, Deferred, Waitlist, No Application Activity, Delaying College, and Non-Collegiate Plans.
    Class Year: Allows you to filter students based on a selected class year.
    College: Allows you to search for a specific college and filter for students who have an outcome with that college.
    Student: Allows you to search for an individual student's outcomes
    Assigned Counselor: Allows you to search for a counselor and filter for students who are assigned to that counselor.

  1. Collegiate outcomes can be selected next to the name of the school, and hook data may also be added.
Marking an application outcome as UNKNOWN is considered a final outcome and will prevent you from sending additional documents to the specific college.

  1. To change an application outcome, please click on the Reset Outcome button.

  1. If a student has alternative plans to college these outcomes can also be selected.

  1. If a student has not added any schools to their applying list, and you would like to add them on their behalf, this can be accessed by clicking the My Colleges link and adding the schools directly within the students My Colleges page.

Updating Individual Application Outcomes

Application outcomes may be added for individual students under the My Colleges tab by clicking on a specific college in the Applied column and updating the outcome accordingly.

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