For Colleges: Admissions Officer Roles and Permissions

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What are user roles?

User roles are the way admissions officer permissions are granted in Scoir. Admissions officers can only perform specific actions granted by the user roles they have been assigned.

The various roles and their permissions are outlined in the table below.

User Role

Permissions Granted

Account Administrator

  • add/remove users
  • modify users’ permissions
  • control SCOIR account settings

Admissions Operations

  • download supporting documents
  • configure integrations
  • modify delivery preferences

Admissions Representative

  • explore high schools
  • schedule visits

Student Outreach

  • manage college outreach messaging

Content Manager

  • view Scoir profile

How do I assign user roles to admissions officers?

The primary admissions officer that is registered with a new school account is automatically granted the Account Administrator role. With this role, the primary admissions officer has permission to add users and assign roles via the Roles button adjacent to each member of the admissions team.

Only users assigned the Account Administrator role will have permission to change user roles. You do not have the ability to change your own roles. These changes must be made by another user with the Account Administrator role at your college, or by Scoir support.

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