For Colleges: Admissions Officer Roles and Permissions

What are user roles?

User roles are the way admissions officer permissions are granted in Scoir. Admissions officers can only perform specific actions granted by the user roles they have been assigned.

The various roles and their permissions are outlined in the table below.

User Role

Permissions Granted

Account Administrator

  • add/remove users
  • modify users’ permissions
  • control SCOIR account settings

Admissions Operations

  • download supporting documents
  • configure integrations
  • modify delivery preferences

Application Manager

  • Create/edit application deadlines and requirements
  • Configure Application Profile
  • View Scoir college profile

Admissions Representative

  • explore high schools
  • schedule visits

Student Outreach

  • manage college outreach messaging

Content Manager

  • view Scoir profile

Who can assign user roles to my team ?

Only users assigned the Account Administrator role have permission to change user roles. If you are the Account Administrator your role must be updated by another member of your team with the Account Administrator role at your college or by Scoir support.

How do I assign user roles to my team ?

  1. To begin assigning roles, click Users from your Welcome dropdown menu.
  1. Click Roles adjacent to the user who you would like to add roles for. From the Add User Roles panel, choose any and all roles you would like to add for this user, then click Done to save your changes.

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