Class Rollover in Scoir and Counselor/Student Access

What Is Rollover

Rollover typically takes place at the end of June to mid-July and is the time when the current senior class officially becomes Scoir alumni. 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 All other classes advance to the next academic stage (e.g. the rising seniors become official seniors).

This piece affects the filters in Scoir which will update and change to the 'new', upcoming senior class by default, which may remove all of your existing data, displayed on some pages.

Is There Anything I Need to Do?

You and your team won't need to take any action as far as students go, the rollover will take place automatically. However, as mentioned above, filters will change and this does affect views, and sending of documents, specifically final transcripts, in Scoir.

Specifically, the Application | Overview tab, which contains the document status for your graduating class, will be removed as we transition this page to your upcoming seniors. Data on this page is pre-populated with your senior class, and will be rolled over to the 'new' class, removing any existing student information. We highly recommend that if you have not completed sending final transcripts for your seniors, you export and download the Applications | Overview page data by June 29th.

As we transition the remaining filters, access to the Application | Send tab will remain. Filters here will 'default' again to the 'new' senior class. Applications | Recommendations will also update to default to the 'new' senior class. To access your graduating seniors utilize the filters on the left side of your screen.

Additionally, since Scoir does allow all schools to send documents for 'alumni' the view will change on the students' Send Document tab, requiring users to click 'enable documents' prior to sending. It won't, however, prevent anything from being sent after rollover. All functionality will remain.

  1. Graduating Students' Access to Scoir

We do not remove access to Scoir for your graduating seniors. They may keep their Scoir accounts as long as they like, but they should ensure that they are using an email address that they will be able to access after they graduate. For this reason, we recommend graduating seniors add a backup email address. Your students are prompted to add a personal email address each time they log into Scoir so that this is updated.

  1. Completed LORs 

Letters of recommendation will be wiped clean from teacher/recommender accounts after rollover, however the documents will remain in the manage documents pages of alumni. Any letters of recommendation for rising seniors that request through the summer will remain in the system.

  1. Email Center 

Scheduled messages will remain for the following year.

  1. Data Updates 

If you are a Naviance school, you may forward your senior application data before rollover, but data will not be imported until after rollover. Please see instructions here!

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