For Counselors: Setting Acceptance Likelihood

Counselors and students have the ability to rate colleges for students using 5 acceptance likeliness levels: Far Reach - Reach - Level - Likely - Very Likely.

Before beginning to tag acceptance likelihood ratings for students, please navigate to your School & Account Settings page to adjust settings as needed. This is an important first step

Decide which labels you would like to use. While Far Reach/Reach/Level/Likely/Very Likely are popular terms, you can customize these according to your needs.

Make sure to save your edits by clicking on the blue button.

You can then set the acceptance for each college in the student's following, applying, and applied columns. 

If the student has permission to set values and has taken action to set the value, the counselor will see the name of the student displayed. The acceptance likelihood will be added on the bottom of each college card.

Both you and your student can sort the list of colleges based on acceptance likelihood.

Values can be changed. If both counselor and student have the ability to set values, either of you can adjust values and override the previous selection by clicking on the option and picking a different value. 


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