Acceptance Likelihood - Reach/Level/Likely

We have provided counselors (and students) with the ability to rate colleges for students in a basic Reach - Level - Likely scale.




By default, both counselors and students are able to set acceptance likelihood values.  Please make sure you turn this off if needed.




Decide what labels you would like to use.  While Reach/Level/Likely are popular terms, counselors can customize these according to their needs.  Perhaps Stretch/Match/Safety instead of Reach/Level/Likely. Whatever the term, label names can be adjusted to fit your school's needs!




Once the name is changed, don't forget to 'save'.  And yes, there is a character limit enforced (15 characters).




When your students apply to college, each college tile will contain a link to set the acceptance likelihood.  


1.  Click the link:



2.  Set the likelihood:


Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_4.53.23_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_4.56.29_PM.png


3.  The tile will reflect the selection.  If no name is displayed, this means the selection was set by you.




However, if I am the student and the counselor has set the value, I will see the name of the counselor, who has set this value, displayed as well.





Likewise, if the student has permission to set values and the student has set the value, the counselor will see the name of the student displayed.




Values can be changed

If both counselor and student have the ability to set values, both counselor and student can adjust or make changes to the value at any time and can over-ride the previous selection by clicking on the link and picking a different value.











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