Viewing Status of Teacher Recommendations

Many Counselors like to keep an eye on the Teach Recommendations to ensure that students have requested and that teachers are responding.  To help with this process we have added a Recommendations tab for counselor view.


Navigating to the Recommendation tab will display a list of outstanding teacher recommendations defaulting to sort order of Deadline date.  The Deadline date is determined by the application deadline date for colleges to which students have applied. 





Sort order can also be changed to the oldest outstanding request.  This would be the teacher who has the oldest request still not fulfilled.




Click View Details to see the list of outstanding recommendations in the teacher's queue.






If a teacher is showing as 'not registered' counselors can invite them directly from the 'Recommendations' tab by clicking the teacher tile and then selecting 'Invite' from the Actions Drop down box.




Counselors may also send the teacher a reminder email to complete outstanding recommendations.








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