Why don't Documents Populate to be sent to this College?

As students apply, we automatically populate the document list with only those documents required for that college.  Each college in Scoir will have different application material requirements.  These are updated annually.  Some colleges may require a School Profile or Transcripts, while others do not.  When Counselors attempt to send documents, we do limit this to those requirements and some additional documents.  While counselors do always have the ability to change requirements for any college, we highly recommend that you only use that tool as a last resource.


Even if your student has a transcript uploaded, self-reporting college won't require this document.  That is because self-reporting colleges require the students to provide academic information (generally on a special form) and as such, the high school does not need to forward documents to that college, except a final transcript at year end.


In this example, Oscar applied to UCLA.  Because this college is self-reporting, there are not documents required at this time to be sent on Oscar's behalf, so none are listed.  This is not in error, this is based on the college requirements.









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