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For Counselors: Viewing Students’ Career Interests

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We’re gradually launching a new experience for Career Discovery in the first half of 2023 🚀 This article covers the first component to the larger release.

In Careers, students can access a career assessment, add career interests, and add academic preferences based on those interests. Learn about the student experience here.

Viewing saved careers

As a counselor, view saved careers by navigating to a student’s Career Profile. Parents can also view saved careers.

When clicking into a student's saved careers, you'll be shown the related fields of study they can add to their College Preferences, allowing them to better match with colleges that fit their goals.

Messaging students to get started

If your student hasn’t started building their career profile yet, you can prompt them to begin by sending a message.

Filtering Students by Completion

See which students have completed the Career Matching Assessment and which ones have not by filtering them in the Student Roster.

What's next for Career Discovery

Our goal is to have the Career Discovery experience completed in the first half of 2023 🚀 The first and second parts are already live, and you can learn more here.

What’s coming next:

• In early spring, we’ll launch a fully integrated career search and exploration tool.

• In early summer, we’ll launch our integration with the PrinciplesYou character assessment for an even more robust career matching experience, as well as counselor insights.

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