For CBOs: Suggesting Colleges to Students

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This article details suggesting a college to a student. Suggesting colleges to a student lets them know you are following and care about their college selection process.  This process is quick and easy:

Suggesting a College to A Single Student

  1. Search for the student by typing their name in the global search bar or from the Student tab on the roster.



Go to their profile by clicking on them. Navigate to My Colleges.

  1. Within the Suggested column, click Add a College to search for the name of a college to suggest. Select the name of the college from the drop-down menu.

Suggesting from College Profiles

To suggest a college to students from the College Profile page, click the Suggest button in the profile's header.

In the Student Lookup field, search for and select the students to whom you want to make the suggestion by clicking their names as they appear in the dropdown. When you're finished, click Suggest.

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