For Students: Setting Your College Preferences

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You can customize your Scoir experience by setting your College Preferences.

Setting your College Preferences on your Profile Page

College Preferences help you personalize your Scoir experience by choosing a few qualities that characterize your ideal college.

To set your College Preferences, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the View Profile page from the global navigation bar under the Me drop down.
  1. On the left sidebar of your profile, click on College Preferences
  2. Click the + Add/Edit Preferences button to add criteria
  3. Select the type of criteria you’d like to provide from the categories listed, then search for the specific criteria.
  4. Click Done to record your preferences.
You can always edit your preferences from your student profile.

College Preferences via Discover

Please note: Updates made to the College Preferences tile on the Student Profile will reflect in the Discover Search pane too.

You can also set your college preferences and edit them from Discover.

  1. College Preferences can be edited by clicking on My Matches.
  2. Once you click this, you can select Edit Preferences.
  3. You will also be prompted to take a short quiz that helps you find your best match colleges. Begin by selecting Start Quiz.
Please note: You can also retake this quiz at any time by going back to this page and clicking Retake Quiz
  1. You can then sort the college results based as shown below:

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