Scoir U: Getting Started


Scoir U is a curriculum-based education platform offered by Scoir with the goal of equipping counselors with knowledge and tools to improve student outcomes.

You can browse all programs and certifications offered by Scoir at the Scoir U homepage.

Getting Started

To enroll in a Scoir U certification program, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the program you want to enroll in from the Scoir U homepage by clicking its tile
  2. On the program's overview page you'll be presented with a description of the course, the content it covers, and its cost
  3. When you're ready, click the Enroll Today button at the top of the page--or scroll down to the Cost section to begin the registration process
  4. Once you've completed the registration and checkout process, you can log in to Scoir U to access all your available programs by clicking this link

If you have any questions concerning course access, payment, or if you encounter any technical issues, please refer to our frequently asked questions guide, or contact Scoir support.

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Scoir U: Frequently Asked Questions